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    • Just a few questions to help clarify things: 1.  Were any of the other Scouts in the troop willing to step up and confirm what your sons told you happened, or did they all remain silent? 2.  You stated earlier that the SM has been reported for similar behaviors multiple times.  Did any of these incidents involve other Scouts in the troop, or were they all directed toward your son?  Was there a pattern of conflict between them? 3.  You also mentioned that the troop t-shirts were sold in a variety of colors.  Was this event one in which each Scout wore the color they liked best, or was it one where they were all asked to wear the same color (if indeed they all have the same color)? 4.  Was anything worked out during the event to allow your son to participate or was he in fact excluded? Regardless of the answers to these questions it appears as though things are pretty toxic for you and your son in this troop, and I would recommend looking elsewhere.
    • If you are being targeted for reporting a possible YPT violation, that is a serious issue.  I think it goes even beyond the initial case.  Unless the output of the investigation indicated the parent lied, I cannot imagine this was an appropriate action.  Unfortunately, that has been reported in the past here. Note BSA does have an anti retaliation policy for employees, but I have yet to see one for volunteers. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/controller/BSA_Whistle_Blower_Policy.pdf   @ThenNow @MYCVAStory ... do you know if the youth protection changes from bankruptcy require BSA to include an anti-retaliation policy?  
    • Well I am in shock. The CC retaliated and without informing me removed me from being secretary of the troop. These folks are disgusting. 
    • Unfortunately the CC did not act as they should have and the DE said it was investigating the situation. The DE later was hostile and refused and sided with the actions of the CC in them holding this meeting with the parents and SM. I called national and they told me the CC and DE were in the wrong and that I was correct in not giving the CC any information since it involved a minor. It is confidential information. There was more than enough evidence from those at camp, voice messages, texts and photos of the incident. The real issue is that 2 grown men do not have the right nor authority to intimidate, exclude him from his group, humiliate, embarrass, say “why can’t you be normal?”…  and bringing him to tears. That is not acceptable and apparently here in Central FL its OK to behave that way. Only makes. me ill. 
    • I think that's part of what's really tripping me up here too.  I've seen too many instances of parents going to battle for their kids only to find out what the kid told the parent in the first place wasn't exactly or entirely what happened.  I don't know if that's the case here or not, but some parts of the story as laid out certainly trip some warning bells saying SOMETHING is missing here.
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