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    • One standard might be total youth served...after the significant membership losses in which all councils were affected,  there are 75 councils with less than 2000 youth and 29 of these less than 1000 and as low as 200. 
    • Been saying this for years....Allow units to go to the best provider.   The franchise model we are locked into has failed.
    • That’s good to know.  It is continually a frustrating state of affairs to not be able to strip away subtle hype or slightly different meanings of words to get at the true picture.  Still, no matter how one slices it, getting caught up in such a system is a grim prospect.
    • It’s always remarkable to see and hear those people that want to censor content. I must add that the seemingly endless capacity of the web to bring a tsunami of news, the ability of people to cut paste, hijack, make fake accounts, troll and who knows what else without accountability of any kind is beyond the capacity of mortals to sort through.     upon a time, intellectual, philosophical and academic study and publication was lengthy, in depth and had to be defended one on one.  There was a long stretch of time when professionals dedicated to investigative journalism and history were respected and brought greater clarity to perspective and understanding. True, there have always been anonymous publications like the Federalist papers, Pseudonyms and the like.  True, the rumor mills are as old as speech itself.  And other creative avenues of disinformation like, “subsequent intelligence found after a military operation that happens to square nicely with justifications but that has to be classified.” upon a time, critical thinking, logic, reason, and other skills were important.  Now, however, those skills and accountability appear more impediments and irritations that upset a perspective.  I have come to see fanaticism and intolerance as true enemies of this society.  I have seen the resurgence of anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism awaken again like a bout of sleeping malaria which shocks me.  I see now forces and borderline anarchy wanting to dismember the fabric of the entire social spectrum and crazy talk of civil wars. ( a topic I write about elsewhere as absurd).     This response I’m writing here isn’t so much about the Academy ideas as it is about the strange and toxic mixes of disinformation, social order and our capacity to sift through it.  The threatening nature of ideas, the desire to silence speech and its content, the immediate categorization of those who might disagree as reactionary, racist, oppressive and mean spirited (among many other colorful metaphors) all point to a type of fanaticism that must constantly be tempered.  That seems a tall order for now.
    • Whatever minimum you want but allow units to select their council service center. Councils become market driven to meet that minimum and service to customers (units) improves. Community strip (from back in the day) or CO patch replaces Council patch. My $0.02,
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