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    • I'm actually agreeing with you. Sorry if it didn't read that way.
    • Does Pittsburgh actually have Snow Days? I always assumed that all the black soot from the steel plant chimneys would melt off all the snow and ice right away. 
    • Not presently, but we have in the past. Since we attend week 1 of summer camp (which is usually synced to the week after Pittsburgh Public Schools' last day) it has impacted us. Fortunately, in those years, our school district didn't take as many snow days as PPS, so it only cause problems for a minority of scouts. I can't remember how they resolved this issue. I do remember them camping with us, so either they came mid-week or were granted an early dismissal. (Being a good student comes with some perks.) For us, the serious issue is that it cuts into long weekends for backpacking, or spring break for high adventure. We just can't do last-minute camp outs on snow-days (although I'd certainly rather).
    • Well I'm no Jambalaya expert, and the only reason I've been married for 39 years is I've learned when to not poke the lion. If the Mrs. says add okra, I add okra. We learned that Okra is a somewhat southern thing. We have served many northern friends their first helping of fried okra. Most have never seen it first hand, much less tasted it. I tell them "where do you think grits come from?". Barry
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