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    • The troop leader guidebook, vol 2, p 60, says this.   
    • "Family Scouting" creep is a major concern for me. Some folks do not care about boundaries.  I've seen what a 5 year old Lion can do to a patrol at camporee. Add in his helicopter parents, and life was miserable for the Scouts. Add to it that Dad was so focused on 5 year old Lion that he didn't honor the commitment he made to running an event ,affecting not just a patrol, but every single Scout attending the event, as well as the adults he had to ask to take over the event, which happened to be that morning. Heck I've seen how an 11 y.o. "Family Scouting" Scout affected the entire patrol. Ignoring directions from SPL and PL, running off when work was to be done, hanging out with family instead of doing stuff with his patrol, abandoning his tentmate to sleep with parents. So I am concerned.
    • Thanks for the review,  we just received our date for next year and I am now in GEAR MODE.  Pretty much made up my mind on pack (Osprey 60) so its the other stuff I am thinking about.  You mention your sleeping bag and I guess I didn't realize how much the temp dropped, I was just going to use my small compact summer bag but it sounds like I need to be looking for a 30 degree bag.  Is that what you're telling me?   
    • Of course they won't, that's why sometimes I will provide them with a list of available options.  BUT I dont give them list until I feel its needed 
    • Yes all true, and that flight may have been 1981, I’m old and those days are a bit of a blur. But the result of the strike was firing many, if not most, of the controllers. The FAA was forced to make dramatic changes to the ATC system for a couple of years until they could train enough new controllers to bring the system back to normal. Barry
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