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  1. Candle Lanterns

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    • We just have rows of chairs and the boys seat wherever they sit. We do not make them sit in their dens. If we have a new boy come, I do look to boys in the same den and have them hang out together.
    • As a Cub Master, you are the heart of the pack true. But that does not have to change who you are. In my time in the pack, I have seen 2 CMs. 1 was in the role JUST to have the position filled. He did not do anything other than wear the uniform. The pack was unorganized and he was no help. Our current CM is a former leader. He is a very outdoorsy type person. He goes to camp every summer with the boys and loves every minute of it. He is involved with the dens and makes it lots of fun. The point being: There is no perfect answer. You do you. If you are a outdoor person, bring that to the pack. Bring your love to different things and experience to the pack. Make it fun. If you are a computer person, dig into those requirements and make fun plans. Science your thing? I think you get my idea
    • Hello all I did do a search but did not find what I was looking for. I have been with my cub pack for years now and as far as I have been part of the pack, there was NEVER a pack handbook. This always sat wrong with me. The Com. Chair at the time never gave a real reason as to why just that it is how it was done. As the Com Chair, I and along with my other leaders want to put one together. The only reference I have is the one for my Troop I am also part of. We do have Bylaws but they were never shared with the parents unless they were on the committee. Yes, I know, your mind just exploded right? How can we enforce something the parents no nothing about? So I am changing things up. Anyone have ideas WHERE to start? We are working on our outdated Bylaws tonight again. I know once we have those sorted out, it may be easier to start working on a guide/handbook but just looking for ideas or guidance or even other packs that would be willing to share. (I have a parent handbook for my GS troop and have considered piggy backing off that but things are SO different between the organizations.)
    • Sounds a lot like a girl scout type of project, with its focus on civic action. https://www.girlscouts.org/en/about-girl-scouts/girl-scouts-and-civic-engagement.html https://www.girlscouts.org/girlagenda      
    • We are getting to the point where the motivated girls who joined in February 1st are starting to earn first class and need leadership for star and beyond.  Has it been answered how the 18 year olds with the with the Eagle Scout extension can earn their leadership requirements?  Scoutmaster-approved leadership project could work for star and life but are not allowed for eagle. Possibilities I see: Allow them to serve in a youth leadership role even though they are no longer youth. Count adult leadership positions like ASM towards their rank advancement even though they are not on the list of positions of responsibility required for rank advancement. Force the scouts to join a Venture Crew and serve in leadership there. 1 and 2 are clearly bending the rules.  And 3 maybe not be practical if there are no crews nearby. Also we need to sort this out within the next 5-weeks because these 18-year olds are on the clock (need to start star leadership before Oct1).
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