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    • Depends on how many Bitcoins the foundation was invested in.   I think the BSA will stay in Ch 11 as long as the current plan is on the table.  They have the liquidity and the foundation will back them up for a few months if needed. The real danger to BSA if this plan is outright rejected (either by the bankruptcy court or fairly quickly by district).  In one of the hearings, BSA lawyers indicated the foundation will only loan BSA $ if they are out of bankruptcy.  If the foundation sees the CH11 plan rejected, I wouldn't be surprised if they decide they need to save their $ for future BSA and let the current instance burn to the ground in Ch 7. Just a guess from the hearings and looking at their financials.  BSA said by end of summer, my guess is they can last longer but not long enough to start a new plan from scratch.
    • Interesting ... perhaps the judge was reading scouter.com.   In terms of multiple appeals, I think it really is pretty simple.  If the bankruptcy court approves the case, it will go to district court.  However, the plan will start implementing.  If district court wants to stop the plan, they actually have to act fairly fast.  If it takes them a year+ to review, most issues will be moot (basically, it will be too late to make much of an impact).  So, I think we will know pretty quickly if the bankruptcy is over for BSA.  Yes, there could be issues within the trust in the future, but I expect it won't take too long (perhaps a few months) to see if district is going to reject the plan. I'm expecting she either approves or has a very detailed rejection that essentially approves everything but a section or two (that can be cured by BSA).  I saw a recent ruling Gulf Coast Health which was rejected due to overly broad releases (the judge indicated she would have approved the plan with narrower release language).  Note that case was also in Delaware.   The areas I thought Judge Silverstein was most concerned was the release language and the TDPs.  I'm not sure how she handles this (perhaps she can still approve but in her ruling emphasize how she came to approve).   I do think if she was going to outright reject the plan we would have seen that by now.
    • Estimates as to how long BSA can last on life support waiting for a Chapter 11 confirmation?  What do the tea leaves say about the imminence of Chapter 7?
    • Just landed on the docket, whatever this means.   Minute Entry: The Court will not be ruling on confirmation at the omnibus hearing on May 25. The only matters going forward at the omnibus hearing are those listed on the agenda. - RE: [9714] Order on Omnibus Hearings scheduled for 5/25/2022 at 02:00 PM US Bankruptcy Court, 824 Market St., 6th Fl., Courtroom #2, Wilmington, Delaware (LJJ) (LJJ) https://cases.omniagentsolutions.com/documents?clientid=3552&tagid=1153&dateFrom=05/15/2022&dateTo=05/21/2022
    • For reasons beyond my control, I have an ASM who is a helicopter grandparent. Good news is that at meetings I have a CC who will ride herd on them when I supervise the Scouts. And they are limiting the number of camp outs they go on since the adults sleep in tents, or hammocks, just like the youth, and he likes his comforts. But at home it is a different situation.  The Scout may be packing his own gear, but grandparent is telling him what to bring and not bring. It is obvious extremely obvious when the Scout was doing a shakedown and kept asking the grandparent what a piece of gear is that he packed.  The Scout has been in a year and a half now, and almost 13, but is essentially still a Webelos because of the handholding.  Compare this almost 13 year  old Scout who has had his hands held to the 11 year old SPL I mentioned above who did not have his hands held, and you see how  detrimental to development it is.
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