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    • Albright Scout Reservation   Heart of Virginia   The new owner is not allowed to develop as of yet. He's a big contractor in this area. He plans to build his dream house and offer parcels to any family member who wants to build there. I know this, as a friend of mine attended a Silver Beaver Dinner over the weekend at our council camp, and he spoke with our CE after the dinner. There are so many negative things I could say. I am not happy. Everything was nontransparent, etc....................................................... Hey, but life goes on. It is what it is. sst3rd
    • Dang.  I'm worn out on the berating NSP.  NSPs work.  If people judge NSPs don't work, it's because that's what people want to see.  ...  The question is what do you want scouting to be.  I want it to be a set of friends ... who regularly get together to keep their bond ... who can go out and have their own adventures.  Ideally, they develop life-long friendships.  If not, that's fine too.  I am 100% okay if a specific patrol name dies out after the last member finishes his journey.  If anything, those 17 year old scouts that are the last few in their patrol become the best troop guides as it gives them a job.   Perhaps scouting has so much trouble because scouting can exist in so many ways.  Baseball is throw, catch, hit, run. Well-defined.  Same for football.  Block, tackle, run, pass, catch.
    • Possibly. Might I suggest that if this occurs it might be a result of not having the conversations with the scout ahead of time. Has he scout been explicitly told he may (and should) seek guidance when needed? Did the scouter go over the plans with the scout leader ahead of time? Not to approve or fix them, just to ensure the scout had a plan. The scouter should ask leading questions to help the growing scout leader determine what should be considered. Afterwards, a sit down to discuss what worked, didn't etc... But not "whispering in their ear" during the activity. In general, "off the rails" is when a significant safety issue is about to occur.
    • Yes, the Committee may be looking into this because the Scoutmaster (who works for the Committee!) brought the incident to their attention and asked for intervention.  That may be the entire reason the Committee asked to meet with parents and Scouts who were involved... as opposed to anyone "leaking" a report of a YP violation from the council. The Committee may be approaching this as a Troop disciplinary issue, or even some sort of health and safety concern, versus viewing it through a YP lens. Unless the OP informed the Committee (or others in the Troop) of the YP Report, the Committee may be completely in the dark about what has been filed at the council or national.
    • I would add some nuance to that.  My troop may have higher standards than council or BSA.  The CC and COR are the people who recruit, select, and are responsible for troop leadership.  Something that might not be full stop grounds for ending scouting membership might still be grounds for a change or even an ending of the individual's role in the troop.  Additionally, I would really want to understand in depth any incident that was concerning enough for one of our parents to believe it worthy of reporting to council.  This is the type of thing that make it really important to remember how the chartering model works and how responsible the CO is for what goes on in the unit, irrespective of the views of the umbrella organization.
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