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    • Sorry that you don’t like the answers you’re getting. It actually is helpful to reiterate the name of the program, considering that we’re being sued by another organization that used local volunteers’ incorrect language as evidence that the national organization was in the wrong. Do you know if the UC contacted his boss, the district commissioner, and asked for feedback and advice? That would have been the most proper route.
    • A lot can be explained by troop programming.  If most troops put their first year summer campers in a "flight to First Class" program, along with swimming MB, those scouts get all their aquatic requirements for their ranks knocked out, and an Eagle MB to boot. E Sci is probably the suggestion most troops make to their 2nd/3rd year summer campers.  As there are not a huge number of scouts who have earned Sustainability in the few years it has been a round, then you would have to assume that means there are few scout summer camp staffers that have it, and can not easily then teach it.  Plus, let's be honest with ourselves, there are a number of summer camps out there that basically spoon feed E Sci. E Prep is easier for many scouts to obtain at an earlier age, and as others mentioned, it can be offered at any time of year.      
    • Cycling is a hard one due to the rides, yes if you are cycler it is straightforward, but to the casual participant it is tough. We are near one of the longest rails to trails in the country, literally it runs 90 miles one way.  The troop does a bicycle trek on it annually.  For the weekend the scouts can typically accomplish the 25 mile and then a 10 or 15  the next day.  Also they can do the 50 mile if they are up to it.  There are 7 rides total, so it does take planning.  Over a couple years a Scout can complete maybe 4 of the rides with the troop and do the other 3 around the city we live in. I would agree that Lifesaving is a much more straightforward path than E Prep. Hiking MB also has numerous hikes;  a 5 miler, three 10 milers, and one 15 miler.  Then a 20 miler.  Swimming is a simpler path  
    • I really wish we could stop picking posts apart.  Yes you are correct that fire is not needed for Whipping a rope but the requirement says "Whipping and Fusing" a rope. Which they apparently did not do but got signed off on, which is what this Commissioner's concern was.  I'm not here to argue the fine points.  I am not here to be picked apart from a discussion I had with another Commissioner because I did not pick apart his visit with a Troop.  I come here to get advice from long time Scouters who might have had the same type of situation in their Scouting and learn something possibly.  Lately, all I get is others picking apart posts like "Not calling them Girl Scouts" and now "I didn't mention fire is not required for Whipping,"  Really?  Can't we just go with a post, read it for what it is and give "Helpful" advice instead of picking people apart? 
    • Do you feel that hiking is a more valuable life skill to have over swimming? 
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