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    • Have your SPL assign one of her Scouts to do research. there are a ton of scripts out there. Also there were some ideas int eh Troop Resources Book if memory serves.  
    • I guess what I am getting at is that removing that sentence doesn't give them any reason to share their results with you.  From my understanding, you have a right to a copy of a credit check but not necessarily a criminal background check.  So, without that clause you still probably aren't getting to review what they found.  What you seem to want is a clause that would require them to provide you a copy of whatever they find.   What others are saying is that "approved or not" is a disclosure covered by this clause, i.e. this clause is necessary for them to provide a yes or no answer.  If they answer no they are disclosing that there was something on a background check that is excluding you.  It doesn't matter that they aren't disclosing what that is specifically.  This is all a function of the structure of the BSA.  If the councils and units were part of the legal entity that is the BSA National office then it wouldn't be an issue, but then lots of things would be different.  
    • Been a little while since I last swung by here but I thought I'd drop in and share my new favourite scout photos. There have been many over the years that sum up a moment in time and this is the latest in a long line. So last weekend my merry band of men and women were away on camp. And the weather was horrible. I mean grim. It was always forecast to be pretty wet but even we in England, with our 197 words for rain or whatever it is didn't expect quite this. It started raining around 8pm Friday night just as the scouts were putting up tents in the dark. It proceeded to rain, with varying intensity, for 32 hours non stop. The mathematicians will have worked out that was 4am Sunday morning. On top of that the last month in our corner of the world has been pretty soggy so the ground is saturated and all the wood wet. To be honest I was a bit worried. We had 3 totally new scouts with us, one of who didn't speak English, only mandarin, and 3 more who have been with us a few months but this was there first camp. How were the younger ones going to cope with the conditions? I shouldn't have worried, the new recruits through themselves into with massive enthusiasm and we had a full turn out of patrol leaders who led from the front. I was really quite amazed! For our chinese scout it turns out the card game Uno is the international system of comms for 11 year olds as well. The moment that summed it up though was late Saturday afternoon. The rain was hammering it down. Water everywhere. I was giving serious thought to pioneering an arc! Our newest, youngest scout, only turned 10 in July, asked if we could have a camp fire. I think the troop looked at her in utter bewilderment on mass. Her PL looked outside the mess tent and asked if she'd seen the weather. Yes! Apparently she had, but was still convinced she could light a fire. So off she went with a couple of the boys to give it a go. This photo was take half an hour later. Had she got one lit? No. She'd tried pine cones, silver birch bark, cotton wool balls, tumble drier lint. None of them would get the utterly sodden wood we could find to do anything more than briefly steam before fizzling out. Was she detered though? Was she hell! She continued to attack that pile of tinder with the matches with what I can only describe as reckless joy and abandon. Giving up only when I directly told she was getting a hot drink inside her, that was an order. Despite this conditions, despite me now having a stinking cold that I blame on that camp it was truly inspiring. Long may kids continue to have that lust for life and the outdoors!
    • It's going to be time soon to start planning our Troop's first Court of Honor.  Our girls are all young, inexperienced Scouts. I'm not sure any of them has ever attended a Court of Honor. Maybe one probably has because she has a brother in Scouts BSA. Typically, the CoH would be planned by the youth like all the other stuff, right? I've seen enough different ones in my "time" in Scouting that I have an idea of how I expect it to look and could totally do it, but I assume I shouldn't be doing that.  So I'm looking for resources to offer to the girls so they can maybe have some varying examples to draw from to come up with their own CoH. Scripts? Videos on YouTube? Ideas for building a candle holder or...? Whatever. Or should they go crash the CoH for a couple of boy Troops in person? 
    • Yes, National discloses their membership decision ( yes or "nope, not that guy.")  to Council, my unit, and let me add CO, but not the information obtained from my personal background  check. 
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