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    • I became a Neighborhood Commissioner and was assigned a group of Troops with veteran SMs. One troop has known as the "Battalion" due to the leadership style of the retired Marine Major who was its Scoutmaster.  i learned it was true; his voice was the only voice you heard during troop meetings. (Fortunately, its patrols met independently every week.) The DC counselled me to be helpful before any thought of being a teacher/counselor.  So updates, offers to help, information on resources - my job for months until I had some "cred' with the unit Scouters,  and then questions before statements.  "Softly, softly."   I hope i would have figured this out on my own., but I only had to follow his advice.  It was an interesting two years. My relative youth was a problem to overcome.  I am not sure if being the SM of a strong troop helped or hindered. (At least T43 was known not to "poach" from other troops.). You already are sensitive too the "fine line."  👍  
    • For those scouts and their families who have completed the Common App for college admission, have  you mentioned  your scouting experience and if so in what sections Activities, Questions, Supplemental,...?
    • Like I clearly stated, I have my own opinion and if its offensive or off-putting to you, I dont care. I made no assumptions about issues like character or values. I did say THAT IF YOU ARE THAT FOCUSED ON THE UNIFORM perhaps you should focus on the person and not his CLOTHES. I would also suggest that I am very aware of proper uniformity after having spent many years in the United States Marine Corps, and as a senior law enforcement.  Covers or hats were mandatory regardless of the emergence of a situation, footwear and undergarments were regulated. I grew up in a scouting world where socks and LEATHER SHOES WERE REQUIRED, as were necherchief and slide. During my first Wood Badge course your shirt was devoid of insignia, shorts and knee socks were required and a detailed uniform inspection was conducted every morning.   As far as I can tell this rigidity had little or no effect on my value,  character, work ethic, or overall view of humanity. I heard a Wood Badge scoutmaster make the statement that a hand made woggle is only for use by Wooc Badge participants; and I heard an adult tell a scout that they can't wear a handmade woggle as it is only for use by Wood Badgers. Well when I had to wear shorts and knee socks it was clearly explained that everything we did, including wiggles was to be applied to our units. Somewhere the entire focused has shifted from having a grand time to regulation, oversize, teaching lifes lessons, and control.  Even the mission statement fails to mention "fun".  Perhaps that is why our membership is down and young people would rather do something else.  My training, education, and experience has led me to believe that "if it ain't fun, the kids wont do it".  So, continue to focuse on the clothes and lesson teaching if you want to; but I will continue to focus on the youth and their desire to have good clean fun.  As I previously stated, THIS IS MY OPINION AND NO AMOUNT OF ELOQUENT DIALOGUE IS GOING TO CHANGE IT.  Your opinion is important even if I dont agree with it and I would respectfully suggest that you do what you do, and mind your own opinion without attempting to change the important opinions of others.  Unit leaders are responsible for the appearance of their unit and adults are responsible for their own appearance.  And since I agree that there are no real uniform or patch police no one has the responsibility of correcting or criticizing another's choice in what they put on their shirt. If someone feels that it is their duty to do so they assume the position of the mythical uniform police.        
    • I've enduring abuse in the name of religion as a youth, and find some of the comments above flip, and almost offensive.  Legal or illegal abuse, those who embrace such behavior have a perverted sense of entitlement.  I might would be ok with this person attending events, but hell no on leadership. The CO, District Exec, and the Council exec, should be made aware of your concerns.  The CO should have their own rules regarding child safety.  CO rules should be reviewed with the key three, and CO board of directors or Pastor.  The CO can do what the heck they want with this guy, and the BSA has no say so in the matter.  If you are still uncomfortable, then push it up the ladder with your DE or CE Leave the commissioner corp out of this.  This is not their fight.
    • Found another CT Boy Scout Troop 7 working Requirement 7.... Great photos The Connecticut Department of Transportation issued a reminder   of their  simulated rail accident training drill will occur on Saturday, September 14, 2019 between 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. in New Haven. The drill, which will appear and sound realistic, will take place as part of ongoing safety training, practice, reinforcement, and refinement exercises designed to achieve the highest level of safety along the CTrail Hartford Line and Shore Line East. The drill will include volunteer passengers, including children, who will take the role of passengers injured as the result of a simulated head-on collision with another train. The simulation will include actual calls to on-duty emergency responders (fire and police), who will travel to the scene and work to rescue simulated accident victims. According to the CTDOT, the drill is required by the Federal Railroad Administration, but is “an important component of CTDOT’s ongoing safety training and reinforcement practice.” “The simulated accident […] is designed to reinforce and fine-tune the efficacy of emergency response protocols of train crews, dispatchers, first-responders, and others, as well as the coordination and real-life application of communication and chain-of-command protocols. This drill supplements the extensive and ongoing training for all involved groups.” – CTDOT source links: https://www.wtnh.com/news/connecticut/new-haven/ctdot-runs-rail-accident-simulation-training-drill-boy-scouts-volunteer-as-injured-passengers/ https://portal.ct.gov/DOT/News-from-the-Connecticut-Department-of-Transportation/2019/REMINDER---CTDOT-ANNOUNCES-RAIL-ACCIDENT-SIMULATION-TRAINING-DRILL-FOR-SATURDAY
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