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    • No. To qualify for extension they must have never been registered as a Boy Scout.  It should come up in the review process when the extension is requested. But it would not surprise me if some try and a few succeed in getting past the rules. 
    • Admin question: what if a Scout who is 16 to 17, realized that they could not get Eagle due to the calendar and they did not recharter, but then rejoined Scouts after 2/2019.  Would they be able to get the extension?  Also any work they had done would be recognized?  Very small population for this possibility and the machinations to get done could be problematic.  Wonder how districts and councils may react to the possible gaming of the system?
    • I'm sorry for confusing verbiage...I meant that they took people who were there with their scouts and not previously called in to be on the board.
    • Yes, appeal. Your son is learning that sometimes well-meaning people disagree and people like him get stuck in the middle. By requesting an independent review, he's helping all parties involved learn a little. If "project part two" is a good idea, he should take it on, just for fun. In fact, since he's so young, and he has one conservation project under his belt, have him look into the Hornaday Award. It and Eagle Palms are great "next steps."
    • All members of the EBOR should have been volunteers, or functioning in a volunteer capacity.  Typically at least one is not with the unit You can look up the particulars by looking at the Guide to Advancement (PDF - Google BSA Guide to Advancement) Section references Particulars for Eagle Scout Rank Section Appealing the Decision      
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