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    • From the 1911 edition of the Scout Handbook (emphases is mine): Being scout like requires us to show respect to those who's religious beliefs are different from ours. Respect does not require agreement. Just be careful about throwing words like "evil", "immoral" and "corrupt" around when referring to the beliefs of others.
    • I talked to a guy in town that took wb from Hillcourt. Each patrol made and led games that taught outdoor skills. That was the program - fun with a purpose. That would have been a great course.
    • Those who like this game might be interested in an article in the June 2018 National Geographic titled, Greed vs. the Common Good.
    • In regard to #3 above I know a man who worked for BSA for 30+ years. He was a Scout Executive and when he retired he had a prominent position at National. He told me one day he made more money in retirement than he did as a working BSA employee.  If your age and years of service add to 85, your retirement is calculated as 80% of the average of your last 3 years salary. The retiree will receive this pension until death. Assuming a BSA retiree retires at age 65 and lives to 85, that is 20 years of retirement. For this hypothetical let’s say they made an average salary of $100,000 (this is a low estimation). 80% would be $80,000 per year. At 20 years this hypothetical retiree made $1,600,000 in retirement. Most employees are eligible for some type of pension, even council employees not just DE’s and management. It adds up.  
    • There is a reason for this... A National Council employee, the current associate director of volunteer training for National BSA, never was a Cub or Boy Scout as a youth. This person doesn’t have sons, never had children in the program. Before their National Council position they served as a Learning for Life Executive and promoted to Field Director in charge of traditional units (Packs, Troops, and Crews) So, the second in charge of training at National was never in Boy Scouting as a youth or adult volunteer and was not a traditional unit serving executive.  
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