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    • Don’t Let This Happen to You: Milwaukee Archdiocese Bankruptcy – Part Three, The In-Court “Slugfest” – MEDIATBANKRY I figure this post belongs here.  This article is about the fight between the Milwaukee Archdiocese & official committee (represented by Stang's firm).  Basically, it resulted in a 4+ year court battle.   Now, as you see news and updates from the bankruptcy (including hearing in late Feb/early March) remember this article.  I highly doubt the current plan will be approved given legal issues mentioned earlier & the vote. However, the "slugfest" we will likely see in bankruptcy court over the next 2 months may end up brining the parties together in mediation.  I certainly hope they are already there ... but if they are not, hopefully the next two months gets them there.    
    • As I have said before I find him to be the most fascinating personality in all of this.  I am sure he was fully aware of the consequences of his tweeting so he must have a reason behind it.  The fact that it was about the coalitions e-ballot i think is very telling.  I do wonder why the coalition showed it to the BSA and neither BSA nor the Coalition sought approval for its use.
    • Here is the Kosnoff order.  It was about the live tweeting when the TCC was deposing BSA counsel.  It sounds like Kosnoff probably shouldn't have been on that call, but the bigger issue was that he was tweeting protected info.  Note that 7 days after deposition, the material could be released if not determined confidential (or other privileged, etc.).   They stopped the deposition to get Kosnoff to stop the live tweeting.   e0809104-fbda-40e1-9c69-7c79ef65e400_8480.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com)
    • There's a decent lag between when you do the recharter and when it becomes set in stone.  get in touch with your registrar; don't take no for an answer.
    • Had a parent tell us tonight that their Scout isn't going to continue effective immediately.  We already submitted the recharter online, but haven't turned it in to the council - meeting our commissioner this weekend.  Anyone know if there is a way to remove the Scout so we don't get charged?
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