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    • They are offering old light houses for historic care and maintencance, some as donations, and some available to purchase.  Most appear to be on the East coast, which is somewhat to be expected I suppose.  Is on near one of our High Adventure bases?  It certainly could add to a program, though the upkeep is likely not viable.  All of them are hostorical though it appears. 
    • Our council, so far, has no fee. They have been very conservative with their money. So, I support the FOS and we usually meet our stretch goal. The council gets funds and no council fee. Zero. I know we are lucky and in the minority. 
    • Thanks, but there are a lot of us out there.  Probably the largest portion of the Army Veterinary Corps falls into the DVM/MPH group.  It's like being an Eagle Scout at a NESA banquet.   Definitely used Scout skills in the Army.  Makes the unique and difficult look routine.  Land navigation?  Philmont was excellent preparation for finding your location on a map.  Packing a ruck to carry 100lbs of equipment for a long distance?  Not a problem.  Tying a bowline to prevent losing expensive and sensitive items?  Been doing it since I was 12.
    • The National fee will be the least of your problem.  The usury extra fees that councils will add on with impunity as we have heard on the forums will likely drive more out of the program.
    • Agreed, but not all state police or state child welfare records are shared in national databases. https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubpdfs/xreporting.pdf
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