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    • To survive, we need to appeal to people who exist outside our close circle of dedicated scouters, dedicated parents, and dedicated scouts.  We can depend on most of the choir.  We need to fill the pews.   More than half of my troop was made up of boys who would not have ranked scouting as their number-one activity.  Most of them did not come from families with a generational history of scouting, and they did not join as a matter-of-course.   Scouting is a little bit like politics.  You cannot win an election by appealing only to your base.  You have to go after the independent and undecided voters.  
    • An aspect of NCAP is "branding," National wants all camps to have identical structures. Buildings are predesigned in that  there are a limited number of designs you can choose some. So a camp in Maine will look identical to a camp in Louisiana, even if the two camps have different environments and different structure styles would work better  in that camp's particular environment. And if a national design will not work at a camp due to local regulations, too bad, it won't be built.
    • Undoubtedly NCAP standards increase construction costs.  I don't know too much about the program, but I presume the standards are meant to require longer-term capital improvements that will need less repair, be safer and last longer.  What I was thinking of are operating costs like salaries, benefits, environmental requirements, maintenance and insurance  The increase in all of this is almost freakish.
    • I admit I am very pessimistic. A lot of what is occurring has been predicted here and elsewhere. And COVID doesn't help matters. As much as I would love all three of my sons to make Eagle, I don't know if the youngest will due to everything going on. Oldest will have his ECOH this month, COVID and Weather permitting, And Middle Son is Life. His goal is to get it by the end of next summer. But youngest has not been in long, and is Second Class. And I don't push advancement. I push the skills and self confidence. So even if the BSA ceases to exist, I know my boys have benefited. Plus there are other "Scouting" organizations out there, just not recognized by WOSM.
    • Could some of the skyrocketing costs be due to NCAP standards trying to make every camp identical and "branded?" We have a camp that needs a bathhouse. Under local codes, no problem to build, got the volunteer manpower to do it, and can get the donations to build it. Told we could not build it because it did not meet NCAP standards. Building a bathhouse to those standards up the cost 4x. We had shelters destroyed in a hurricane. We wanted to build ones that match the 70+ year old ones still in use.  Those meet local codes. We cannot build them because they do not meet NCAP standards. The NCAP ones are significantly larger, and designed for summer camps
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