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    • Do you mind where the leader is from? Crikey! You have empty slots that need filling? We were oversubscribed back in last September and had a selection camp in October to pick the 6 lucky ones from the 12 that wanted to go (and got their applications in on time) from our district. They're busy going on training camps and furiously fundraising as we speak.  
    • As for using scout staves as weapons, one of the original uses for the scout staff was "self-defense" (in the 1911 hand book and others). Personally, I think it can be a good idea teaching older boy scouts some basic self-defense techniques, either with staves and without. Be prepared. But SSScout is right, weapon is pretty far down on the list of uses for a scout staff. To much of scout training now days is of the "go get help and let others deal with the problem" kind. But scouts should be taught what to do when "help" is too far away or otherwise unavailable. They should be taught first aid (obviously), how to fight a brush fire, how to defend themselves, what to do in a flood, earthquake, avalanche, downed power lines, water rescues, etc. It is what "Be Prepared" is partly about.
    • The critical thing is to keep them interested. If you are teaching knife , saw and ax  then something i have been using for years is the " What if? " game.    For example I will start to whittle a stick with my left hand in front of the blade then freeze and ask the class "What if the knife slips?  Where will it go? "   Hopefully some bright lad will say "  Uhh  into your hand?"    "Good answer"(  I throw him a cookie here.    That gets everyone to pay attention.)  " So, what should I do in order to not stab myself?"    " Move your hand"    Move it where?    "Above the knife"  Good !  ( throw another cookie) Start to chop with a hand ax while holding the piece of wood.  freeze  " What if I miss?"   "What if the ax slips out of my hand?"     "Which way will it fly?"  Stand a log on a rock and start to split it.  "What if I go right through on the first swing?   What will the ax head hit? "     and that will...    and so it goes... Note that I am not only  encouraging them to think, but also forcing them to be involved in the class.  If you see a scout daydreaming then give him the next question.   Two scouts talking too much then give them a hard question.     If it's first aid have a few " Scouts in action"  from Boys Life where scouts saved someones life by knowing first aid posted prominently.   I love the ketchup bottle trick!   If knots tell them why they will need to know it.   Square knot- first aid         bowline -  climbing, sailing       clovehitch-  lashing      Try to make it a game, not a school like class.  Lord knows they have had enough of that by this time of year.  Keep in mind  that to at least one  newbie  every week, you will be the  staffer he will always remembers as the cool older scout who actually cared about him,  encouraged him, and made him feel special.    
    • I'll be an ASM. Could use one more leader in my contingent. Northeast Region Area 4 had 49 open youth slots. Make that 48 ... no, 47 ... thanks to two boys from my troop getting the green light from their parents. If each of the leaders of do as well recruiting, all slots will be full right quick.
    • Kinda like telling the Caliphate to give grace for a Muslim's 5th wife on account of the exceptionalism of the religions founder. The best thing about the Mediterranean temperament: men who have proper natural affection for one another, just like St. Paul said they should.
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