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    • In Judaism there are many terms for God (which is also not a proper name). Lord is just one of them. Father, King, Adonai, Elohim, Elohai, Adon Olam, Hashem, .....I don't know how many there are. Also, Adon is Hebrew for Lord, Adoni is my Lord, and Adonai is literally translated as my Lords. If you're getting confused as to why the plural of God is used then good for you. However, it's treated as God. There's a famous prayer/song that uses the words Avinu Malkeinu, which translates to Our Father, Our King. Two words, same God, but different views. Father is someone that looks out for their children while a King just makes decisions and, in this case, some people live and some don't. It's an intentional paradox. But to get back to your intent, the use of Lord does not bother me at all because I use it all the time. However, since you asked, let me try to politely explain what does bother me. It's the phrase "in your/his name" at the end of a scout prayer. I only hear something similar at Christian services and my understanding is it's similar to saying amen. So, when I hear it at scouts it sounds as if someone wants to end their prayer as they usually do but figure if they just drop the word Jesus then it will sound right to everyone else. To me, it doesn't.
    • As someone posted earlier - "Lord" is almost distinctly Christian (or maybe I should say has Christian connotations) and, of course, "father" assumes a male deity.  I have translated the Philmont Grace into a few Northern New England native languages - replace "Lord" with "Creator" , get rid of the Judaeo-Christian "Amen" and replace it with "thus may it be" (yes, I know that's essentially the meaning of "Amen", but it's not religio-specific), and it becomes much more generic. It's not a matter of trying to be PC, but rather trying not to be slanted toward a specific religious group/belief. On a related note, I have never seen a "non-denominational"  Scouts-Own service that is not geared specifically towards a Christian audience. Just for the heck of it, I had done one one time that used readings, lessons, etc. from some of the world's lesser known religions; absolutely no reference to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam at all. Kind of interesting.    
    • There ya go.   A non-topic Topic, if I ever saw one. Personally, I need all the blessing I can get, I do not differentiate from whence they come. 😊 Some years ago, I  was moved to seek and was approved as a Scout Chaplain to the Nat Jam in 2005. The title stuck, and I have been trying to explain Scout religiosity ever since. I find that if one does not come across as "my way is the only possible way", people can get along nicely.  Every faith I have come across has somewhere in it's precepts the idea that THIS is the best way to the godhead. And it seems to be true for those people.  As the carney barker says, ya pays yer money and ya takes yer cherce.    Our faith is dependent on three things:  First,  Our upbringing, who our parents/family (if we had any to claim) were, what they taught and espoused and exampled ((I tell new parents it is their DUTY and RESPONSIBILTY to give their kids something to either claim as their own or reject outright)) .  After that, second, our own experience and search, should we do any....  and third, our revelationary experience, our "vision" or "voice" or metaphoric "tap on the shoulder".  By these three things , our faith is formed.  Duty to God?  If there is one.... or many?... When I got hip high deep into Scouting, I offered my experience to the IOLS leader in our District. We are good friends now.  I soon realized, IOLS had NO discussion included about "Reverent", so I offered to do one, and have been for the last, (?) ten years.   Here is the outline I now hand out.  I have had good comments from my Christian, Jewish and Islamic Scouters.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/76zk9ri7glgu9gt/ScoutsOwnDutytoGod.docx?dl=0  Here we are in the best, possibly the most successful democracy humanity has created, and we pray about a "King of Kings". Is there any irony in that?  Lord?  lower case lord?  father?  Mother?    See you on the trail. 
    • I honestly can't remember if they collected mine or not, I kept everything in two folders and I don't see it. I think I remember them collecting it but I dont remember.
    • I think the Philmont Grace is appropriate for any occasion.
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