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    • True.  It just seems like the media is trying to sensationalize things.  
    • There is no reason to be irked. We promote that we are a character building organization. Scouts and scouters are supposed to be a cut above the rest. Most of them are. Sadly some are not. When that happens, it's a relevant headline in the same way it is to point out that someone accused of arson was a firefighter. It's tragic and ironic.
    • I sliced my thumb open last year at our district camporee.  I broke knife code and was cutting towards myself and oops.   I panicked as I could see white and it was bleeding pretty good so I went to our table and sat down trying to get it to stop bleeding.  My son runs over and says "Ooh ooh I can help! I have earned the First Aid merit badge!".   I am trying to rifle around the first aid kit to see what we have and I told him to please go away so I could collect myself.   I was debating if I needed to ride down the road to get a couple stitches.  Started to get a little woozy (like I said I panicked, nervous about needing stitches.  I am a wimp! )  but got my self under control and found some butterfly bandages and managed to get the blood slowed down. Put some ointment on it and bandaged my hand and went back to work.   Got a nice little scar from it.    Funny part is, that date is apparently not very kind to me and my hands and sharp objects.  It came up in my Facebook memories that several years before that I sliced my thumb open on a can lid and then last month when it was the anniversary of camporee it came up about my mishap.  So for dinner that night I said lets go out to eat as I don't want to cook and chance cutting my hand again. 
    • I did not know that, but it could be BSA admitted girls but at a lower level (volunteer and paid leaders, but not participants).   I still would argue that there is a reasoning / logic link between the two.
    • Journalists are so lazy these days.  Twice they misidentified this shooters association with Boy Scouts.  Once calling it a squad and then a team.   It irks me that papers seize the chance to sensationalize something.  I read an article this article the other day and the headline is annoying.   You read the article and it says this: Bellomo - who was well known among the small Minnesota as a volunteer firefighter, award-winning taxidermist and a leader of a Boy Scout troop But they choose to use his title as a BS leader to put in the headline as click bait.  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7678117/Boy-Scout-leader-34-leads-police-dangerous-20-minute-chase-Valentines-Day-massacre.html  
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