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    • Nope, enforce it. When rules aren't enforced they are ignored.  Start dropping volunteers and units.  Volunteers will either start complying or units will end.  I doubt National nor the Councils have the courage of their convictions. 
    • If National or Councils want confirmation every year the least they could do is just offer a recert test.  Pass the test and move on. No reason to sit through the same two hours of videos year after year after year.
    • I certainly agree that the mindset is wrong at national and in the council staffs.  It feels to me like they think of units and unit volunteers as entities to managed.  Your YPT percentage isn't 100%, you're not advancing enough, you're not recruiting enough.  I believe it would do the BSA well to adopt much more of a service mentality than a management mentality. Yet, on this specific YPT issue I can't get too worked up.  I too have chased volunteers to get this done.  It's a royal pain.  The BSA could simplify this immensely by adopting a policy of: - YPT certification is good for 27 months - YPT must be current for the entire duration of your registration.   Done - problem solved. Regardless - we volunteers complain way too much about YPT.  My goodness, the BSA is on the verge of bankruptcy because prior leaders abused youth.  We're complaining because we might have to take it once a year? That's 90 minutes a year to reinforce the YPT rules.  That's not such a big imposition.
    • You're right, it doesn't. National already is making it hard enough to try and keep volunteers engaged. It is frustrating though to see that many Councils make it even harder for the unit volunteers to do the work of Scouting that they so enjoy.  We are generally working a full time job & trying to fulfill regular family obligations along with trying to keep up with the ever changing requirements to keep volunteering.  I'm also the one trying to keep other leaders up to date on their 2 year renewal for YPT, along with other training updates. Then to throw in running interference between National raising the fees after we've collected dues, it just really gets tiring trying to keep up and still enjoy Scouting. I can't imagine the grief I'd get from adults if I had to tell them that their YPT was only good for a year, even though their certificate says otherwise.
    • Once upon a time in Sea Scouts at least, there was a program for Sea Scouts who were not Boy Scouts to earn both Quartermaster and Eagle. In fact I have seen Eagle badges with the white and navy background for Sea Scouts to wear.
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