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  1. Camp Toquam 1970-75

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    • Gotcha. What I think hangs up many, and to be honest myself included, is why we presume the program needs to stop being a character development program and turn into an after school outdoor program if we provide a path for youth who don't believe in God? From replies in this topic, it seems that for many units, faith and religion is already limited to grace before meals and a handful of requirements along the way.  So, say we allow some Scouts into the program who don't believe in god.  Does that really have to mean we stop being a character development program?   Maybe put a little different.  For some scouts we go from "develop good character because it's was God wants" to "develop good character because it's the right thing to do."  Does that really mean our program is now radically different?
    • Option B As Gerry Bertier's so eloquently stated in Remember the Titans - "Sometimes, you just gotta cut a man loose”
    • I use "Master of all Scouts" when doing prayers. Nobody has ever said anything one way or the other about it. I think everyone gets the gist.  
    • "By their fruits shall ye know them".   Very often, folks do things, act as if they were consciously following the Sermon on the Mount, or the Ten Commandments, or the Bagavad Gita or the Q'ran,  but will tell you, no, that's not why I act the way I do. I act this way because it is the "right" thing to do,  it is good for humanity, etc.   I do not judge the source of the action, only if it accomplishes something I can agree with.   Some folks will say that war can be righteous, that a Christian CAN fight to protect the nation and not be in disagreement with Christ Jesus' teaching. Us Quakers might have disagreement with that.  When I point out the truth verses (John 5:34, etc.) to folks, they hem and haw and often say that doesn't apply here or some such. But it is what Jesus instructed. It is either what he said or it isn't.  We either have a faith or we don't.  ?For a Scout to declare that his/her "duty to God" includes not believing in him/her/it I find refreshingly honest (a Scout is Trustworthy).  What do they DO ?
    • As others have stated, option B. It's past the point of gentle touches. The parents are destroying the troop and though the scouts are not the problem, sometimes you have to do the painful act to prevent a worse event down the road. They have been endangering the troop on camp outs by threatening to pull out unless they get their way. They will continue to threaten the troop with dire actions to get their way. I would definitely have the district/council be aware of the what and the why, with the focus on the endangering scouts with threats to abandon scouts on camp outs and any other things that have disrupt the current troop. Let them know what has been done to try and resolve the issues, but that they have failed. And yes, through casual conversation, let any troop that might be receiving them know of the problems you've had. You don't even need to let them know WHO. Only communicate that there was an issue and it got this bad and this is what happened and why. It is up to them to decide what to do, but it's polite to let them know the reasons and that it isn't the scouts who are the issue, but the parents. Forewarned is forearmed. 
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