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    • Eagle1993, I want to read the complaint, which I have printed out, before commenting.  My daughter and grandson who live in Washington State are here for a week-long visit so I am kind of giving that my priority at the moment, other than work of course. 
    • Welcome to the forum, wjd2112! Your Explorer uniforms are still good.  Technically, no BSA patch or uniform becomes obsolete. 
    • Hi all. I'm in the process of registering as an adult scouter and merit badge counselor as a way of getting back involved with Scouting again. While I don't have the time right now to get involved at the troop level, I was planning on joining the local OA lodge (I was in the OA as a youth, just in a different lodge), and possibly seeing if I can pitch in there as well. I have my old uniforms, which include one of the 90s era green "Exploring, BSA" uniforms. Given the changes that occurred right after I left Scouting--Exploring kind of splitting off into "Learning for Life" or whatever--can these uniforms be used at all still? This shirt is still in good shape, as I didn't use it all that much when I was an Explorer. If I was registered in a scout troop I obviously wouldn't use it, since it wouldn't match with anyone else, but I would put it back into service if I registered as a council/district adult and could still wear it. I've been poking around the internet about this, and the things I read don't offer a definitive answer.
    • I was in the Transatlantic Council as a youth, so I saw lots of "foreign" scouts. We've have international scouts at our local camp. It is always great to see the discussions. Now that you can get peanut butter world wide that's not so much fun but there are plenty of other things to talk about. Of course, you just have to go skiing around here to meet all the ski bums that normally live on the other side of the equator. I regularly talk going overseas to scouts. "Hey, you like adventure? I got a great idea for you." Not many try. So, how important has it been? Unfortunately it's more just a novelty. An exchange would be fun but it's expensive.
    • (Light chuckle) To my ears, saying it as currently written without the pause sounds funny. Maybe I'm old enough to have originally learned it from people who had not yet retrained themselves to the addition of the "under God" line...
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