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    • For your amusement July 5, 2022 Scouts in Britain have been told to stop referring to New Zealand and Australia as "Down Under" as part of a wide-ranging series of rulings, prompting howls of laughter on the West Coast this morning. Several British newspapers reported on the new Scout style guide, which now bans children from using the terms "falling on deaf ears", "man made" (Use artificial or synthetic instead.), and also "maiden name" and "Christian name". Source: https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/west-coast/woke-new-scout-style-met-laughter Style Guide: https://www.scouts.org.uk/volunteers/running-things-locally/local-media-and-member-communications/our-brand/scouts-style-guide/scouts-style-guide/
    • William is the son of Steve Chamberlain and Sylvia Chamberlain, both special education educators. Together they created the Buddy Summer Camp Eagle project that started with a GoFundMe page to cover expenses for 11 children. The page fell short of its target but not of its goal. Fellow Boy Scouts and some of William’s friends joined the project to volunteer as a buddy, but when they didn’t have enough people they reached out to the Girl Scouts who, in line with their “do a good turn daily” motto, responded quickly and filled out the rest of the empty slots. ... Visual aids, sensory breaks, accommodating schedules are all useful resources but were no substitute for the benefits of experiencing friendship. ... Skeptics of the strategy of pairing young, inexperienced volunteers with autistic children were converted after realizing the potency of true affection on children rarely shown comprehension and friendship. ... “‘I feel like I failed,’ a volunteer said, because he couldn’t get him to do something,” Rocio said she overheard one day. “My heart went out to him, because I feel like that every day. But to hear somebody say that … they care.” Small steps, more details at source: https://myrgv.com/local-news/2022/07/03/small-miracles-one-boy-scouts-project-inspires-unexpected-transformation/
    • Well done. When I was the district SM Specific course trainer, I preached for units to stop splitting their troop for the summer camp experience. Summer camp is the best and safest place for youth to practice independent decision making and pump up their patrol method development. We averaged almost 100 scouts (95%) at summer camp because they  enjoy the experience so much. We typically put the adults in a separate camp site to reinforce the scouts independence. The SPL is the hardest working person in the troop because has all the decision making responsibilities. The only decisions the adult make are the one that require an adult signature. We pay the SPLs camp fees.  You’re going the right direction and your scouts will appreciate it. Barry
    • It is adults who drive most of this and the negative connotations are perhaps most extreme in OA but not unique. There are also those adults who get up in front of other adults and youth and sing the Back to Gilwell song, or others who insist on singing some of the traditional camp fire songs or skits that are also more for the 1950s. I have seen this chase prospective or new scouts and families out the door. I think BSA needs to reevaluate how it is presenting itself overall, not just in OA. 
    • Congratulations on making changes and having a great year !!!! Nothing kills the "summer camp" experience like over-controlling, over-planning, over-scheduling and too many adults.  Half the fun for the scouts is the free time and discovering things to do on their own.  
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