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    • Just received an email confirming this rumor.
    • I would hope this situation will be somewhat different.  The behavior of many church leaders was nearly the opposite of the BSA in attempting to actively cover things up and hide them with little to no effort made to actually provide protections against abuse.  For as long as the BSA was trying to stay on the good side of press, it made more sense to settle cases on rather generous terms.  But at this point, people are coming out of the woodwork with suits that are in many cases going to be entirely impossible to verify given the time lapse.  I'd want to see the BSA's lawyers approach things a little bit differently.  Plus, coming out now and saying "This happened to me in 1972.  I never told anyone or reported it, but give me money." simply can't be treated the same as a current and verifiable claim. If nothing else, people with damages that occurred 40 years ago should be made whole based upon 40 years ago dollars, not current ones.  So if they'd have been awarded $25,000 in 1970, that's what the basis of their award should be today. 
    • Rumor is Woodruff Scout Reservation for Atlanta Area Council will not operate this summer.  Neither is Bert Adams.  No formal announcement yet, but the council has not disseminated the National fee increase yet, so obviously communication with the minions and actual customers they are supposed too serve (Scouts and Leaders) is not a high priority
    • As long as that kiss of death is approved by your local SDW (social distance warriors), you'll be fine. But I agree. Most of the discussion on my favorite trail page has as much to do with citizenship and stewardship as it does with the sheer joy of stomping around in the big woods. When someone brings up gripes about littered trails (or blazing forests), I remind them that fewer citizens are being raised up to behave like scouts. Most learn in their late twenties, after someone calls them out on the mess they've left behind.
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