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    • Yeah, wonder why. But at least there was a guise of local autonomy , per By-Laws,  merging council executive boards had to approve,  even if those boards were badgered to repeat voting until they did approve.  Merger Suggestions. Consider,  if these sudden, proposed council mergers are or perceived as National orders ,This will be happening , such actions will discredit the BSA statement  "Local councils are legally independent, separate and distinct from the national organization. " Another concern, Council X has liability lawsuit(s) pending and is merged with neighboring Councils Y and Z which do not.  Now,  the combined assets of new Council XYZ  are in play.  Another $0.02
    • Won't you be, my neighbor... Being in Mayflower Council, I think we fully expect the merger between Old Colony Council and Knox Trail Council in 2017 was a short-term strategy, and that there would at least be an Eastern MA Council by 2022- merging Spirit of Adventure Council, Mayflower Council and Cape Cod and the Islands Council (it is my understanding that the SE in Cape Cod and the Islands is due to retire in early 2021, so it would not surprise me if this occurs by Q2 2021).  I agree with @Cburkhardt that change is coming- we can only hope that it comes with some improved strategic plan to ease it. The Mayflower merger hasn't been without bumps in the road, and some are still not fully resolved.  The biggest issues, IMO, are lack of transparency.  Our SE is good at getting the template emails provided by National out to everyone in the Council, but we've never had an email or social media post from him about any overarching vision for the "new" council.  We have one camp that has been on a decline of summer camp attendees for years, and is likely to run at about 20% of the Scouts BSA numbers they had 10 years ago- the handwriting is on the wall to many of us that the Scouts BSA summer program there needs to be shuttered, but being that ~50% of the E Board membership is from that end of the Council, they are fighting the reality.  I know a number of Scouters in SOA, and I would say that from what they have had to say about the current Council operations, your observations seem valid (having 3 DE's serving 6 Districts doesn't feel ideal to me).      
    • I would agree that there needs to be an evaluation process (though, for all we know that has been completed already in the lead up this process National began) on how many will be kept, how many are retiring by year end, etc.  The quality of the personnel should dictate to a large extent just how you can allocate them.    
    • @ALongWalk thanks for posting. Even if you don't consider your son to be a gung ho Scout, or as I joke "A Super Scout", I'm glad he's benefited from his time as a Scout and you and your family can see how it's helped him. Eagle or not, that is our goal.
    • I have been a part of a council merger that had strengths and weaknesses in both councils.  My old one had a strong central council while the one merging had strong districts but weak central council.  The merger was rough for some but I think it really came out well for everyone involved in the long run.  The leadership of both councils wanted to get a single vision for the new council and all move towards a common goal.  They had brain storming meetings within every district that was open to everyone.  I attended one in a different district and was amazed how well everyone was looking for the future.  Everything was done in the open and information was easily available.  If we start seeing councils merge this trait needs to be there.  Information and feedback accepted and given.  Make everyone part of the process, don't just do it behind closed doors.  You will get a strong focused and directed towards a common goal will help councils thrive.
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