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    • Jan 21, 2020 : Aerojet Rocketdyne CEO and President Eileen Drake has been selected to serve on the National Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA).  Drake joined Aerojet Rocketdyne in March 2015 as chief operating officer. A former Army aviation officer, Drake also worked in leadership roles at Ford Motor Company and United Technologies. Since becoming CEO at Aerojet Rocketdyne, Drake has overseen a fundamental reorganization of the company, creating efficiencies and developing new capabilities. Drake also serves on the board of Woodward Inc., as well as the Board of Governors and Executive Committee of the Aerospace Industries Association. Throughout her career, Drake has been passionate about promoting STEM initiatives and advancing the work of Girl Scouts. I wonder if the BSA National Executive Board (72+ members)  consisting of many insiders will be restructured into a smaller board (25? members) of  nearly all outsiders (business leaders)? Consider the YMCA, GSUSA, 4H,  YMCA of the USA (Y-USA), ...The Y-USA board is composed of 27 members who set strategic direction and policy to guide the national office’s work to increase the capacity of Ys to strengthen community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. The Girl Scout National Board of Directors comprises 29 men and women, with expertise in fields ranging from financial services to publishing.  4H Board of Trustees  - 28 members dedicated to the belief that helping kids achieve their boldest dreams empowers not only them but also our communities to thrive today, tomorrow, and beyond. IMHO. such a reorganization would involve changing/ignoring the Charter and Bylaws of the Boy Scouts of America (June 2019) something a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process could facilitate. Another $0.01, P.S. I would have posted a  website link with a list of BSA National Executive Board members if I could find one. As @qwazse previously noted , that information  is in the Annual Report pdf ...well maybe.
    • Yes, my tent is a slightly smaller version of the Marmot: Self-standing, uses clips, two accesses into the tent and a vestibule that provides a covered space by each entry.  I developed those requirements over the years of experiences. Using hiking poles is a relatively new thing today, at least to me. I'm sure they work well and save weight. But, I have much better experiences in self standing tent, or I should say that I have bad experiences with non-self-standing tents, so I'm wiling to take on that little bit of weight of poles. I just give the poles to my tent mate to carry anyway. Barry
    • Yup, every year since 2012* I take the UK membership stats found on page 46/54 of the annual report pdf and put them in a google spreadsheet, probably takes no more than a couple of hours, and that could probably be streamlined if I was keen as the layout requires a fair bit of formulae tweaking. Usually something interesting to be pulled out of the stats. When I did the 2019 numbers I posted it to the UK equivalent of here, and it triggered 6 pages of replies, some of which may even have been related to the membership stats in the spreadsheet. * and it goes back to the late 90s thanks to someone else starting the thing, I just took over and moved it to a google sheet. Standing on the shoulders of giants, as ever.
    • Unless the rules have changed since 17 years ago (and I can't believe they would have changed to be less restrictive), unless your son was a Tiger, there is no requirement that a parent must stay with a Scout on an overnight trip.
    • First question would be, is the person who signed all 9 cards a registered MBC for each of the MBs?  It is amazing at times how many registered adults do not understand that just because they are an ASM or a SM, they are not automatically authorized to sign off on what ever MB they choose.
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