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    • Because Scouting is a youth development organization.  The often repeated phrase is "Scouting is a game with a purpose."  The game is outdoor adventure.  The purpose is youth development.  Four of the eight methods of Scouting are: Ideals Adult Association Personal Growth Leadership Development Ideals - A scout is trustworthy.  if a Scout is trustworthy, then why the do we need searches?  Is a leader is courteous - shouldn't he respect the personal belongings of another and not search them without notice?  Adult Association - Adult leaders, how they conduct themselves, and how they relate to Scouts become examples that the Scouts learn from.  What kind of example does it set for a leader to start going through a Scout's belongings? Personal Growth - Creating an atmosphere of high expectations where searches are not needed seems like the right starting point.  Then, if something happens which destroys that trust, then a serach is conducted.  If a search is needed, and the Scout is present, it presents an opportuntiy for the Scout to learn from the process.  It's uncomortale being accused of some mis-deed and then having an adult conduct a search with you there.  This presents an opportunity for the Scout to learn why a search is needed, how he broke the trust of the Scoutmaster, and what mistakes he has made. Leadership Development - Youth learn leadership skills from adults.  What kind of example does it set for a leader to say "I decided to go through your things without you there because I wanted to check up on you"? Finally - what contraband in Scouting is so awful that we, as adults, need to run around searching Scout's belongings without them there?  A cell phone?  medicine?  Some food?  Is this really so awful?  
    • I see this is an old topic but it has helped me so I will respond to future noobs.  I was appointed as Committee Member Feb 2019.  I just bought my uniform today.  June 2019.  Why the delay.  I had to see what my responsibilities were before I decided to what level I could commit.  If I had been told I needed to buy a uniform be an active leader up front I would have said no.  Some committee members are parents that want to support thier children's scouting ambitions and decudectovtake on additional responsibilities to support the troop.  Fantastic for them!  The troop needs them and appreciates thier level of commitment.  Clearly my Scoutmaster a fellow Army vet could see that I would drink the coolaid and become a more active uniformed member.  I even feel like he is the seasoned NCO and I am the wet behind the ears Lieutenant pestering him with my constant enthusiasm and Ideas.  And yes I even think that during a board of  review a board member in a civilian suit is one more mental preparation for that child at his first job interview which for some could be as soon as 14 years old.
    • I'm not so sure we disagree.   I, like you, would argue that the Scout needs to be present for that search.  Further, I don't have much use for these kind of searches, but if a leader thinks it needs to happen, then they can have a search. Others here think a search of the Scout's belongings without the Scout present is fine.  I, again like you, disagree with that position.
    • Why would a scout need to be present? More important that two adults are present so that nothing can be "planted" on a kid. Frankly, it's only scouts where kids' luggage, backpacks, etc., is not routinely subject to adult search. BSA needs to get with the times. Class trips, sports team travel, band trips, it all gets searched no bones, no big deal about it. I applaud that scoutmaster.   
    • I disagree.  Scout leaders may have the right to search, but actually doing it is something reserved for the rare occasion and with the scout present.  Searching all the scout's stuff without them there because of what the leader saw with one or two scouts is just wrong.  If I heard that before my sons joined the troop, I'd look to another troop.  It's a flag that the scout leaders and the scouts have an adversarial relationship and don't trust each other.  It's just not the scout model we want.  
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