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    • The key to WS, is resourcefulness with dual-use items.  Flares may be a fun draw, maybe they make good fire starters. But... Can the spent tube be used to rig a trap? Can you cook with them? Do they make good mineral supplements to the ants that have raided your last pack of raisins?
    • 7/9/2020: Council asset transfers were also argued. Boy Scout local councils own most of the youth organization’s wealth, with more than $3 billion in land, facilities, artwork, investments and other assets, compared with the $1.4 billion that is on the books of the national group. They didn’t join in with the February bankruptcy filing of the national organization. However, more than 250 of them are sharing the bankruptcy shield that automatically blocks lawsuits over alleged decades of abuse at the hands of Boy Scout volunteers. In exchange for a reprieve from lawsuits, local councils are supposed to alert the national Boy Scouts of asset transfers, and the national group is supposed to pass the information along to the official survivors committee... the committee is reportedly finding out about campground sales from Google searches and news accounts, rather than from the Boy Scouts themselves. https://www.wsj.com/articles/boy-scouts-bankruptcy-roiled-by-suspicions-about-asset-transfers-11594325864?st=13a1m1qe8kdgpax
    • Check with my wife.....she said she likes the omelets I make....
    • As I read this, it means that we get another 15-30 days of the "file your claim now" advertisements?
    • That's great, but I don't think a patch or a name is the issue and it should not be a consideration when deciding the "minimum standards to be considered a council." There are a LOT more important things that pretty patches. And as for insisting the patch include a person "brandishing weapon(s)"? Huh?
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