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    • Like most of these types of things, it is variable as to the best approach.  Ultimately, it is the leader that needs to decide, an d as long as it does not obviously contradict vague "rules or guides" there is not wrong answer.  This idea that everything is black or white is just ignorant.  Sky changes with the light it receives, and so do most human perspectives.  
    • Ask the youth in question if they think they should be able to double dip in this way and to justify it. The right answer being whatever they decide for themselves.
    • There is no PLC with enough knowledge to have a discussion on this topic.  
    • I guess I am more interested in if it can be for the same project.  I have no problem making her work for the rank advancement portion in the morning, stop for lunch and work more in the afternoon to satisfy the MB requirement. 
    • This topic is covered in GTA Section I like what it says about service hours and service projects. By the book, anything done toward a requirement may also be used toward another requirement, as long as the requirements for one of them do not expressly forbid it, and all requirements are met as written.
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