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    • I thought I'd get some fresh thoughts from the other side of the Atlantic on something I need to ponder. First thing to remember that over here scouts runs 10-14, moving onto explorers at 14 or 14.5. So our scouts are generally younger. With a load of scouts going to explorers at Easter and a couple of recent quitters we are taking no less than 8 new recruits off the waiting list into the troop shortly..  None of them have been cubs, all are brand new to it. This evening I went through the new names with existing scouts asking who knew them, looking for scouts to buddy them for their first couple of weeks. Found a few and so far so good.

      Trouble came with one particular name. It was met with a mix of groans, silence and some actual worried glances. I did a bit of probing. Word is he is that kid at school who throws his weight around gets his way. Not a bully in terms of no indication of victimising anyone, but word is he doesn't let anyone get in his way.  He is already 12 so old to be a new starter in the scout section

      Now I’m not going to take that to literally. Kids say stuff, not all of it is true, others get reputations and struggle to shake them off even when they are no longer deserved. So as far as I am concerned he gets the same fair crack of the wip everyone else gets.

      However if we assume for the moment that that reputation is deserved I was pondering the best way to handle it. The only two obvious things are

      1. Keeping a sharp eye on him
      2. Allocating him to a patrol with care to avoid being with anyone that may be easily pushed around.

      Beyond that has anyone else ever had to deal with this? Any thoughts on the best way to handle it? It's a new one on me!
    • I had this and several other issues with the centennial uniform.  I did returns and received new only to have similar issues.  It really killed my excitement for uniforming sharpness.  It's hard to be enthused to show a quality uniform when the source doesn't provide a quality product.  
    • Love this topic and can't wait to come back and read all the responses!
    • This was recently discussed on a forum on Facebook, and someone from the Supply Division on there said that if you contact them (I believe at the 800 number) they will mail you patch strips for free as replacements for as many shirts as you need them for. The patch strips have embroidered lettering instead of the iron-on type they had on these.
    • Absolutely. There will be Scouts (and some adults) set up on every free piece of grass, picnic table and open spot you can think of doing trading. Trading is quite brisk in the camping areas, too, but of course that's off limits to visitors. Scouts would haul out their cots and set up on the service roads along the campsites to do their trading. Check out the lower portion of the Consol Energy Bridge, where there were good spots for trading during the '13 and '17 NSJs. A lot of trading also took place at the Scott Summit Center, but there were areas there where trading was not allowed to take place, to give people an opportunity to sit and relax without the barrage of patch trading. Trading will likely be different than at the NSJs, since trading in countries outside the U.S. tend to trade a lot more neckerchiefs and uniforms than they do patches. That's not to say there won't be lots of patch trading, just that the internationals do a lot more with neckers and uniforms. We've advised our Scouts to not bring a uniform with anything on it that they wouldn't want to part with in a trade. In other words, don't bring your everyday field uniform, because you might end up trading it.
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