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    • Yes, the Founder's Award 2018 was a typo... It was January 2019.
    • I'm one of the Scoutmasters "allowed in." I fumed out as a youth and missed summer camp and what would have been my tapout. I joined Scouting with my son when he became a Tiger. Attended with him all the way to the troop.  I had my 15 nights camping (more like 30) and was nominated by my committee. That was Summer 2017. Got Brotherhood. I'm still very active, having advised for a Winter Dinner (Jan 2018) and still serving as a Chapter Adviser since May 2018. No freebies here.  Founder's Award Jan. 2018. Haven't missed a work project or Fellowship/Conclave. Not bragging... Just trying to set a good example. We offer Brotherhood at the May Fellowship, Thursdays during Summer Camp (five to six opportunities), and at the August Fellowship. Plenty of opportunities. As much as I try to live the Scout Oath and Law and provide cheerful service and a good example I still fail to convince some of my own Scouts to reach for Brotherhood. They get their pocket flap and sash and dash. Some don't even pay dues after year one. The dynamic has shifted. 
    • Why the OA matters to my son: 1. As a scouts ages, they relate less and less to the scouts in the unit.  OA lodge gatherings bring youth in similar phases of life to together.  Arrowmen talk about college, and other aspirations.   It is not uncommon for the entire chapter to pile in one adirondack while at a lodge event, and talk until 3 AM.  See #2 2. Brotherhood...not the recognition. 3. OA High Adventure programs.  These programs are more affordable and much more accessible to middle class folk then the generic scout HA programs, and do not require adult (parental) involvement.   The local chapter has meetings once a month, but they are a snore.  Most of the active arrowmen are reliable participants at lodge and section events.  Yes, there are many kids who go through ordeal, and they are done, but they are faceless unknowns that have marginalized themselves, and are not legit.  They may be statistic on a computer spreadsheet, but if they are not attending chapter meetings, lodge activities, NOAC, and HA, then they are not really arrowmen. My boy is planning on going on a OA HA every year until he ages out.
    • @John-in-KC Mafia is for folks north of the Red River....... Anyway, Scouting participants don't need to be in the occupational world, there is however a subsidiary called Learning for Life that has a Career Exploring program.....https://www.exploring.org/ There are a couple of tools for service projects already available to help plan.    Service Project Planning Guidelines, No. 680-027  
      A checklist to help you plan that next service project. Includes reference to the Age Guidelines for Tool Use and Work at Elevations or Excavations below. Age Guidelines for Tool Use and Work at Elevations or Excavations, No. 680-028 
      An at-a-glance reference for service projects. The use of tools, by any youth or adult, requires training in the proper use of those tools before a project starts. It also requires continuous, qualified adult supervision and discipline during the project. Manufacturers’ literature and age and skill restrictions shall supersede the recommendations in the publication. If there is a conflict, leaders shall follow the most restrictive guidelines. Another good reference that contains state-specific guidance is www.youthrules.gov . Currently looking at revisions to the above, if you have constructive comments or mark ups feel free to send them to the health.safety@scouting.org mailbox if you would like them considered.   
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