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    • Back to OP, Is it time for the BSA to change its top leadership model?  @gpurlee A good question... HOW will the BSA best decide WHO will next lead the BSA? IMHO regarding this topic, the BSA Bylaws appear little changed in the reorganization plan presently under judicial review. I moved STEM posts to a recent STEM topic. RS  
    • So, the BSA has two or three different threads for STEM, all undergirded by the highlighting of STEM related topics throughout the Handbooks, Awards, and Advancements... https://bsastemnova.org/#:~:text=Officially the NOVA program was,of BSA from its creation. 1.  Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts:  a series of STEM based awards called the NOVA and Supernova Awards https://www.scouting.org/stem-nova-awards/awards/about-nova/ 2.  A program with separate units called STEM Scouts https://stemscouts.scouting.org/ https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2015/05/11/understanding-the-difference-between-stem-in-scouting-and-stem-scouts/ 3.  And the not-so-strong push for Explorer Units to be STEM career-based https://www.exploring.org/activity-library-category/us-department-of-education-career-clusters/stem/ I am a NOVA and Supernova counselor...have been since inception (10 years ago??)  I have had one Cub Scout come to me to earn the award.  I did push it on our Webelos AOL den when my son was there... after the den had finished AOL program in late Nov, they had "nothing to do" (LOL) so I went through the program with the den.  Scouts are interested, but have little to no bandwidth for ANOTHER PROGRAM 😜 P.S.  Supercool bling!!! https://www.scoutshop.org/nsearch/?q=Nova
    • I know zip-a-dee-doo-dah about the STEM program. Please suffer me one question and one thought. Once the latter is out there I will be at my quota for the day. 1. Is there anything offered in the schools or elsewhere that's attached to an outdoor and character building organization like Scouts?  2. For an entire segment of the population STEM and bookish things are what they do, at least in part. I raised 2 boys and 2 girls. One of each would do traditional Scouting, though they didn't for obvious reasons. The other two can and did "light" outdoor adventures but an all OUTING scenario was daunting and pretty much undoable. My youngest son has since become and enthusiast, but was a bookish boy (excessively), loved Legos, solo sports like Fencing, Archery and Wrestling and did a lot of deep thinking. One of the twins has CMT Disorder, which stands for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder. She was supposed to be in a wheelchair by the time she was a teenager. She has beaten all the odds and has and continues to travel the world. From my limited understanding, something like STEM could be the honey that draws them in, opens them to a world of the outdoors and slides in character building, traditions, camaraderie, tinfoil dinners, Dutch oven cobbler, knife skills, lashing, reflector oven biscuits and dodgeball. Oops. I said that which is verboten. Please don't ban me...   I would like to know more about STEM, but do understand the point you're making. /s/ I.G. Nernt
    • 2017 and 2021 we were issued a Crew flag, certainly wasn't a cotton 3'X5' flag by any means but our Crew Leader was issued one and told to take it on the trail with them both times.
    • Agree.  Play to the strengths of the program.  The strengths are the uncomfortableness of being outdoors in new situations.  It naturally teaches responsibility, leadership and fellowship.  In reality, the program works better when you don't emphasize the marketed goals and instead focus on the basics.  Hiking.  Swimming.  
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