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    • TCJC deal is removed but they are a participating CO.   Insurance of Archbishop of Agana will not go to trust. Updated plan to address most of the objections. Note they are also removing the $100M fundraising commitment from UMC. They are asking for some specific findings of fact that she didn't mention. I may have missed some aspects, but we may be close to a decision.  TCJC didn't go nuclear and become a opt out CO.  To me, that is big and likely allows this to be confirmed.   
    • That's a link to shorten the notice period.  Here's the link to the ammendments: https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/6907113e-9265-4b5f-9d7d-e9e61e182818_10188a.pdf
    • Amendment to the plan was posted recently to the docket 8950ce76-0b70-4e57-a957-d4d9cc3d51c8_10189.pdf (omniagentsolutions.com)
    • Our troop offered a weeklong aquatics camp as an option this summer. It was one of three weeklong opportunities offered to our approximately 25 active Scouts.  Several of our older youth attended the national Seabase program. We also had a well-attended session at our local council camp. The aquatics camp was more aimed at the younger and middle-aged (13 to 14-year-old) Scouts but had surprisingly good attendance from several of the older Scouts. Many of the Scouts attended two of the three options. The aquatics camp was based out of our own troop camp, so expenses were minimal (less than half of the council camp fees). For the first four days, Scouts journeyed to a nearby lake using canoes rented from the council as well as our own kayaks to work on canoeing and kayaking skills. Lots of instruction and fun water events. In the evening were other fun activities, a movie night and a presentation by a K-9 officer who is one of our Eagle Scouts. The camp wrapped up with a canoe trek on a nearby river.  We were very pleased with the adult support and turnout with an average of seven adults present on a daily basis. BTW, we have excellent lodging accommodations available for the adults at the camp which certainly helped encourage some parents.  Scouts tent camped by patrol adjacent to the main bunkhouse. 
    • Excellent points! I am going out on a limb a bit and speculate that we will see some significant revisions in the possible options before the end of this month. First, I think that a revised traditional model will be an option with expanded insurance coverage and a caveat or expectation that UMC chartered organizations must play an active role with their unit(s) including active oversight.  Second, I think we will also see a revised affiliate model offered that will attempt to address some of the concerns of the councils. While I am not sure what form this will take, I believe that the national BSA will strongly encourage local councils to be receptive to this option. First, with the current dramatic drop in membership, national recognizes that it cannot afford to lose the support of yet another major sponsor of Scouting.  This has major implications not only in terms of membership (for some councils UMC units represent thirty percent or more of the council units) but also reduces a significant long-term donor base AND the credibility of the program. A mass exodus of the UMC units is likely to trigger second thoughts by other national chartered organizations. So, what encouragement (pressure) can national exert on local councils? The local councils may be "independent self-governing" local organizations. However, the advancement opportunities for local council executives and other ranking council professionals are dependent in part in their being viewed as "team players" in order to be recommended for positions in other councils or national level opportunities.  It would be a safe bet that we will see a major consolidation of councils following approval of the bankruptcy settlement.  And this consolidation will limit the number of both existing and future high-level positions within councils or regional or national level positions.  So, yes there will be subtle or not so subtle encouragement to fall in line with the national position.
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