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    • Thanks, we looked at it, but it was not feasible for us.  That was our longest day - 63 miles.  The youth planner and trekkers decided on the Y.  Next time, perhaps.
    • It is, frankly, crass.  There are very few times when I buy into "they're just doing it for the money", but in this instance I can't really think of a different  explanation than that.  The pamphlets are written by volunteers, and the value added from BSA central is just about nil.  There's no good reason they couldn't make these available online for free. In answer to your question what do troops do, we keep a lending library.  We have all the Eagle required and most of the more popular ones offered at summer camp.  The troop budgets for those, and they get supplemented by scouts who choose to buy their own, either duplicates of what we have or some of the many other badges. Honestly, they don't get much use these days.  Kids are used to having their information, even school books, electronically, and almost any info in the pamphlet is easily found through Google. 
    • My apologies if I didn’t mention Camp Potomac, although it would have added miles, and I’m not sure if there is a safe enough back-country route to it. On the other hand, IQ did not PM me to arrange delivery of some outstanding espresso.
    • It used to be that the troop would have a library of pamphlets which the troop librarian would be in charge. The librarian would keep records of which scout borrowed which pamphlet, ensure the pamphlets were up to date, etc... A troop usually did not have all mBs in the library but would have multiple copies of the popular ones. 
    • As the dad of a First Class scout and myself now a Merit Badge Counselor for a couple of badges, I find the topic of Merit Badge Pamphlets a bit confusing from a BSA standpoint. When my son initially crossed-over, I had seen the term 'merit badge pamphlet' and read that you could purchase them but thought they were just printed versions of the Badge Requirements pdf found on Merit Badges | Boy Scouts of America (scouting.org), which had me questioning why an 8 page printed form cost $5 or $6. It wasn't until I was browsing the official BSA store when I found out about the full pamphlets.  But the cost and overall accessibility of the pamphlets seems a bit off. They now run $6 per printed version OR online(pdf) version. While I don't have an issue with paying for physical things or the time it takes to research and build out the pdf, it seems anti-scouter friendly to charge the same amount for the printed version vs the pdf. And why not include the pdf version if you buy the printed version? I'd like to see our troop have current copies of all eagle-required badges (we used to many years ago), and that's around $100 or so out of our budget. Add more if want other popular badges. Buying every single badge pamphlet would be unrealistic (135 badges or so x $6 = no thank you). Why not make the pdf versions $1 or $2 to let scouts access their badge resources easier? Our local libraries stopped carrying these, so that avenue is no longer available. How do other troops approach this? Do you try to buy a copy of all and loan out? Do you make scans and let scouts print out their own copies? Do you require troop counselors buy a copy for each badge their cover?
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