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    • I have heard a bugler or three who could have been arrested for murdering musical notes!! 😋
    • I'm not going to lie.  When I clicked on the topic, I thought it said "CHP arrests camp buglers".  🤣 On topic, you have to be a truly despicable person to steal from a scout camp.  I am glad they were dumb enough to get caught.
    • I should think it depends on whether joint and several liability is deemed to apply, which would differ by state.  At the risk of grossly over-simplifying:  If “pure joint and several liability” applies, then it’s easy peasy—the defendant who can pay (the church) pays the entire sum of damages, and the defendant who bankrupted out (BSA) walks away cleanly.  If it doesn’t, the the jury has to allocate proportion of fault between each defendant; the award is allocated amongst the defendants in equal proportions, the church pays its portion and the bankrupt walks away with the plaintiff a haircut on his award. Given the way LDS units used to run, I would think they’d have to be deemed well over 50% liable for cases of sex abuse within each individual unit; maybe as high as 90-95%.  It was the church that selected (and, at its discretion, removed) the unit leaders; and I’ll bet well over 90% of the claimants were LDS kids—they participated in those units not primarily because of the appeal of the BSA name and curriculum; but because that was the youth program that their own church congregations happened to be running.
    • How does it have little to do with co and Scouts when they are members of the church and Boy Scouts and have been for a very long time. I'm not understanding your comment or have I missed something?
    • We just finished a week-long cycling trek on the Great Allegheny Passage...Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD.  Started from Camp Guyasuta ( @qwazse stomping ground).  Eleven Scouts (14 and up) and four adults,    Including fuel and tolls, and some donated MREs for two of our meals, and we hit $152 per person (Scouts spent a bit more for their lunch on the drive out, and ice cream stops along the trail!!!) Free camping in a few places along the trail.  Camping also at Ohiopyle State Park, Corps of Engineers campground in Confluence, PA,  and the YMCA in Cumberland, MD, at the end. (although I'd recommend finding an alternative to that one.)  We logged 168 miles total,  used a SAG Wagon. Great trip, and, with two local shakedown rides to prep, all riding requirements for Cycling MB complete.  50-miler award and NPS Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger opportunities also. Seven days (including travel days on front and back) total, six nights camping, five days cycling. Doing your own adventures is far more Thrifty!
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