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    • I’ve been put in the middle of gripes like this before. It ended with multiple new units being spun off and years later merging back to the original. In the thick of it I had to have a heart-to-heart with Son #1 about the various adults in and around our program. Yes leaders can disagree sharply. Yes they can work together for good. I repeat: This happens because people want to give scouts unearned awards. I have no doubt that this high-minded CC is now on a rampage maligning @nolesrule using this incident as an example of how this bypassing of requirements could be the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure this is engendering a sense of indignation to the point of self-righteousness. I assure you that denying an award for lack of completing the requirements  is not “harming the scout” … not nearly as much as  adults failing to get on the same page in the midst of disagreement. This troop needs to take a chill pill and everyone start taking humble pie in small bites. It might be a good weekend to have a campfire with some friendly cups of coffee. October 1st is international observe the moon night.
    • You are right.  That's what I've seen too.  Council invests to help recruit.  I was thinking from running the pack.  Council did little to help run a pack.
    • Yes and no.  Tigers until 2000 was essentially a friend of the pack. ... Started in 1982 as a parent/child activity.  Only to attend a few pack meetings a year.  No derby car.  No uniform.  1986 age lowered when ranks became grade aligned.  1996 more aligned with pack.  2001 was when Tiger became an integrated part of the pack.  I remember that one as my oldest son was a wolf.  He was the last age to use the orange t-shirts as a uniform. I liked that t-shirt.  It was cheap.  "enough data"?  Again, yes and no.  We've seen constant declines for 20+ years.  Was it bad press coverage of Dale v BSA, CSA and IVF files?  Internet and all kids online all the time?  Growth of youth sports?  Or, the Tiger & Lion program?  Causality is not clean or singular.  To be fair, I don't think Lion/Tiger is the biggest cause.  ... but that's just a guess. 
    • I guess it is rare, but our council made night specific flyers, gave us yard signs, contacted 3 schools to arrange talks, and did the 3 talks. The district had one membership committee member attend our round up nights to help. They then drove our paper apps to the office and helped us fill out forms for those that need financial assistance. About 5 Cubs received financial assistance from the council.    It is a good idea not to expect much, but some councils help a lot. 
    • Tigers have been around for 40 years now. One would think we had enough data on it by now. Back in the day (70’s and before) was better without the Tigers?
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