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    • Recommended reading to help open your aperture a bit... https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/boyscouts/pdf/511-420.pdf
    • Assuming you mean the Historic Trails Award. https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/historic-trails/ Yes, completed this multiple times.  We are surrounded by many historic trails around here, fortunately with camping opportunities attached. However, it need not be one of the trails on the BSA list.  There are literally hundreds of other opportunities for you to meet the requirements if one of the BSA trails is not convenient to you.   Many state and national historic parks have opportunities for you.  Any place on the National Register of Historic Places would qualify also. https://www.nps.gov/subjects/nationalregister/index.htm Sounds like what your are doing is on target. You may enter the completion in Scoutbook for your Scouts.  No real need to file the application any more.  That is throw back to a time before Scoutbook, when the Registrar would enter these kinds of awards on a Scout's (or Scouter's) record in ScoutNet. Enjoy!!    
    • I'm curious if anyone has experience with - and suggestions for - earning the BSA Heritage Trail Award. As per what I've read, a troop must camp at least one night and conduct a service project on, or in the vicinity, of an historic trail that is recognized by the BSA. There is a list published here. We are fortunate that a past OA service project built an approved historic trail behind our council offices. However, in the midst of Chapter 11, the property has been sold to the local township. I've been in touch with the Mayor's office to begin the conversation about how we can set up this project. If anyone has done this before, I'd love to hear from you, please. Thanks so much!
    • Since it involves youth protection and the Church is self-insured I think they could if the lawyers and underwriters were recommending it.
    • Lone scout learning leadership?  Citizenship by themselves?  Or do you mean the four merit badges?   Character as a lone scout?  Is it any different from homeschooling by the parents?  Fitness by themselves?  Fitness is achieved by being in an active, busy group; not just a merit badge.   IMHO, a specific sport would be better than the lone scout program.   Scouting is social.  I'm not against the lone scout for isolated families, but I question the match in this situation.
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