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    • Yeah loss/damage of a book happens.  Our SPL announces "Everyone, take pictures of your book tonight" at the first meeting of every month for this exact reason.  The adv chair also snaps photos at every BOR and attaches them to the note in SB for the BOR so they are preserved.  It's better than nothing and avoids a full rebuild.    
    • Concur, to a point... We had a Scout who was working on Tenderfoot.  He did not take good care of his book, and his requirements page ripped out, and he lost the page with his progress. I sat with him, read through the requirements, and asked him if he could remember which requirements he had completed, and with whom.  I was going to help him verify, and was prepared to take him at his word for many. For some, he said he could not remember.  He asked me if he was going to have to re-do the requirements, and I told him yes, for the ones you cannot remember or that we cannot verify.  Later that week I got a message from his Mom that he was leaving Scouting. Now, there were many other factors at play with that young man, and I know he was having a rough go in other areas of his life.  This seemed to be one thing he simply was unwilling to stick with, given the speed bump he had hit. I do believe, had his items been backed up in Scoutbook, and allowed for an easy recovery from this, he'd still be in Scouting today. We tell our Scouts that the primary written record is their Scout Handbook.  But we warn them (this Scout included), that written records are fragile, especially in the hands of an active 12 year old.  We are happy to help them by recording things in Scoutbook, but the responsibility for seeing that is done is on their shoulders! About 80% of our Scouts are diligent in syncing the two systems of record. Very few do not have anything recorded in Scoutbook, and we do as @curious_scouter does above... when they meet their BoR with their Scout Handbook, the Advancement chair records the BoR in Scoutbook, and we award the rank. Without a backup record, it is only a matter of time until this happens again. We also tell Scouts to take a picture of their requirements page, as a sufficient record, especially if it becomes detached.  We have reconstructed a record in Scoutbook from a picture like that....  
    • As we all know, a Scout has to hold a rank in the program for a specific amount of time (4 months, 6 months, etc) before advancing to the next rank.  My question is...which notation in Scoutbook actually stops the clock of the previous rank and starts the clock on the new rank.  Marking the rank as "approved" or marking the rank as "awarded"?  The reason I ask is because we often do not have a Court of Honor for several months or more and I have boys that are nearing "age out" and need every month they can get working toward Eagle.  I know that the awards can be moved to a PO after being "approved" post-BOR, but have also heard that UAC's should not mark them as "awarded" until they are physically given to the Scout.  So again....what stops the clock?  Approved or Awarded.   Thank You All !!!
    • Also an advocate for paper book.  In our unit that's the official record.  Today SB is updated by our adv chair after a successful BOR but does not include the individual requirement dates - only the BOR is updated. We have a handful of newer Scouts and families entering progress directly.  You need to set expectations with them.  As many are coming in from Cubs, their belief is they are "signing off" on the requirement by doing that.  They get frustrated to find out later it's really just a "heads up" the Scout is ready to test on those.  They still need to meet with someone in the unit authorized to sign off on requirements.  But.. if you can get ahead of expectations I think it's really handy to be able to see the actual progress of the troop online at a glance. I'm a data driven guy.  Someone has volunteered to start loading Scout-->First class status into SB for us time to time.  This will help us because we can then pull reports from SB and find out like "23 Scouts need this specific requirement".  The PLC can use that to plan meetings and outings that have more impact. Because MBs go straight into SB we have been able to do this kind of report for Eagle Required badges.  That's helped the PLC as well as the leadership.  It's been helping us to help scouts avoid panic later "Hey buddy, you have like 10 eagle required badges left to finish and you're getting older.  Might want to knock off 3 or 4 at summer camp this year and keep your eyes open for other chances to get them done."  It's been very beneficial, just that bit of "hey buddy" has been enough to encourage some good decisions and proactive action.
    • Saw this on a district's webpage today. While the post and  at fireside chat meeting, the council said it was to focus on the main camp, one Exec Board member, told me that is not what they were told. It was to cover the cost of the settlement. Either way a great primitive camp is lost.   To: East Carolina Council Membership Youth and Volunteers Subject: Sale of Camp Charles, Bailey, N.C.   The Board of East Carolina Council would like to notify our membership that we have finalized the sale of Camp Charles in Bailey N.C. This was a difficult and complex decision as this property has been in use by our council for over ninety years to serve youth.   In 2021, the Board evaluated the complexities and financial burden of maintaining numerous properties across our council. In short, we were unable to adequately maintain all properties to meet the needs of our membership and sustain East Carolina Council’s scouting mission. The board came to this difficult decision after evaluating three key dynamics in maintaining properties:   ·Costs - costs for maintenance and repair at multiple camp properties across our twenty (20) county council territory   ·NCAP Standards – the prudent and increasing camp standards (NCAP – BSA’s National Camp Accreditation Program)   ·Focus - our ability to provide world class offerings at our primary camp operations the 442-acre Camp Boddie Scout Reservation and Pamlico Sea Base High Adventure Camp   For the sale of this property the board sought two key initiatives from a buyer: 1) to secure appropriate funding from the sale of Camp Charles to sustain the mission of scouting in Eastern North Carolina and support future enhancements at Camp Boddie Scout Reservation and Pamlico Sea Base and 2) a buyer that would maintain the property for recreational use by many. We are pleased to share that we have accomplished both goals and have sold the property to the AJ Fletcher Foundation. The AJ Fletcher Foundation has a focus to improve the lives and well-being of all North Carolinians and has communicated initial plans to utilize the property for use by youth serving organizations for retreat and outdoor camping space.   Additionally, we have entered an initial three year “Use Agreement” with the AJ Fletcher Foundation to utilize Camp Charles for East Carolina Scout unit camping and events across the next three years as detailed below:   ·2023 – minimum of four (4) weekends consisting of two weekends in the Spring and two weekends in the Fall   ·2024 – four (4) weekends consisting of two weekends in the Spring and two weekends in the Fall   ·2025 – up to four (4) weekends (subject to A J Fletcher's approval in 2025) consisting of two weekends in the Spring and two weekends in the Fall   Through this transaction both boards (East Carolina Council and AJ Fletcher Foundation) are committed to work together to enhance the lives and leadership development of youth across eastern North Carolina and beyond.      
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