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    • LOL, Don't know how they got this, but I remember Scouts singing "Come on Eileen! Oh, I slid on my winks..."
    • It's almost certainly liability related, just like the UMC. 
    • Teach 'em the CORRECT lyrics.... "" "scuse me, while I kiss this guy....""     = Jimi Hendrix, please call your office......
    • (With apologies to Paul Simon . . . )     ”I went out camping with my Scout Troop just last week.  The fun and woods there were everything I seek .                           But I when I got home and counted noses  I realized…                         There must be… fifty ways to lose a camper.  Fifty ways to lose a camper….  “”          Just call the roll late, Nate,  Get off to the john, Ron,   Be in a rush,  Gus,   just listen to me….             A  PL that’s loose, Moose,  string out the hike,  Mike,  Just laugh at that boy, Roy , , ,  And let those Scouts be  !             I called my DE up and told him of my woe,  he said he’d meet with me , and so to Four Bucks  then we’d go.             He smiled and shook his head “You’re not the first,” he said,             “There must be… fifty ways to lose a camper….    Fifty ways to lose a camper….”           Check your Tour Plan, Stan,   run over those names,  Ames,  call the Micky Dee , Lee,   and calm try to be….         Reassure mom, Dom,  be cool with the dad,  Vlad ,  get out the cell, Mel,   and call the SE.”   And so we called the Council SE on the cell.  She told us  to not fret,  she’d see what she could tell. And sure enough, the family called back,  .... it seemed that…the kid had stayed home with a cold all along.......... So wipe off the brow, Dow,     Have another cup,  Krup,    smile and cheerful be,  Dee,   and set your self…. Freee…..                        
    • All minus most equals some of our scouts carrying for the rest of us. For a few years, Buttercup was the troop song. And no, it was not great. Then one choir boy decided to take the lead by opening with that guttural “Why do you …” just like on the record. All of summer would be up and dancing at evening campfire. The Good Book says “Make a joyful noise …” no mention of tonality.
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