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    • Character, citizenship, fitness, leadership... Would helping this Scout with 3 out of 4 be acceptable?
    • It's okay to work with troubled scouts, but boundaries exist.  Scouts that can't control themselves or are a risk to others do need to be separated from the troop. As for lone scout, I always question the value of it.  Scout's value is in working with other scouts.  Scouting is about community and developing connections.  At some point, lone scout sounds more like getting rank than getting value.
    • As @mrjohns2 relays, it is entirely up to the council. Start with the Registrar.  Call and explain the situation.  Ask if there are any Lone Scouts in your council already.  If yes, then they will most likely add this Scout. If no, ask if the Registrar would support you if you asked for this Scout to be added as a Lone Scout.  Although it is the SE's decision, it is the registrar who will gain the extra workload.  So, if the Registrar is on board, it makes things easier. If the Registrar declines, then go ahead and call your SE and ask, but expect the answer to be "No". If "No" then ask the SE if they would support your calling neighboring councils to see if any will accept Lone Scouts. Keep pushing, courteously, and you will find a way.  
    • An issue totally unespected and out of the blue.  Been in the program since cubs, and other than occasional breaking of something in frustration, never threatening to others.  Something went awry it would seem and his doctors are involved.  It just seems that if we can work with him in some way that does not put others in harms way, or he is proven to be tempered, would Lone Scout be an option.  A lot of "ifs", and not something likely in the books directly.  On the other hand, we have a history of reaching out to troubled youth and giving them a chance if possible.  It just seems a shame to see his efforts to date to be lost.  But, we have to put the others ahead; that is understood.  Thanks for your comments.  Probably one of those untenable situations.
    • Are you thinking of this in the abstract or with a particular situation? I'm not quite following the situation. Any Scout, no matter the age (even if they are a Program or Unit participate, Scouts who have approval to continue past 18) can't put at risk other Scouts or Scouters. It would be up to their council if they can continue as Lone Scouts. Having any Lone Scouts, or a particular Lone Scout, is up to the council. 
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