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    • While many of the youth are overly involved with much of the modern media, games and social, many others are demonstrating interest outside those areaas, or even finding ways to coerlate them.  Thechnologies and their progeny are in constant flux and we are seeing a=azing advances in many areas due to the skills and new direction challenges.  The real issue I fear is the overreaction of too many adults to some of the enormous changes.  Also, just a I have little clue in regard to modern tech, though I can use basics and even struggle with newer things with moderate success at times, I continue to read about amazing new directions that evlolve from some of this stuff, things few would even have imagined even twenty years ago.   Just like I have been heard to screwam in other threads, balance and taking the cfhallenges are important, even as we still retain some of the most important elements of the past technologies and cultural tools.  Good examples are seen in teh huge expansion of animation and things that now have derived from it.  That in turn evolved from comics and cartooning.  We have not lost the best from the past in music, or in literature, or in art.  But, today we are seeing invovations that can be traced to those past things.  Move ahead, but keep the scales even if possible, and be open to new ideas and merging some with the old.   The young people recently enterered into advanced fliying for example, were not long ago playing early games.  And they have been able to master these new skills much more rapidly than many in the past.   Doors open and minds are tested by many tech inovatioons, and those ideas are expanding to the arts and had science, including mdicale brekthorughs.  Doctors today do crazy things with tools evolved from these  techniques derived from games.  I had a major medical issue fairly recently that saw a leak of fluid from the brain cavity throuh and out my left sinus. Twenty years or less ago, the only repair would have been to lift the brain out and fix the crack in the dura, and I likely would not be typing here.  But, the techniiques now available used miniature tools that entgered through the sinus to repair the crack and secure it, and only took a couple hours.  While scans are done to assure no follow issues, all is well, and I am apparently fine.  I guess my point is that we can moan and complain about what we may see as problems sith things, or we can find ways instead to use those thiings to move ahead and keep the youth involved.  That is why we do rocketry and even pinewood.  Still, we do need to get them to experience the orignianl stuff on occasion too.  And kids are still little pyros, and many love to play with ropes and tie each other up or make things to climb.  That is why letting them sometimes just play on their own, finding their own ideas and games is so important.  Too much scheuling and no allowance for just fun or a challenge is not good for people, especially yoouth.      
    • These companies do not need the BSA.  Why would they pay the BSA?  Rocket League has, on average, 90 million users every 30 days.  Madden sells about 150 million copies and has even more users.   I don't understand how an E Sports tournament ties into the BSA, but if setting up an E Sports tournament allows BSA to advertise their offerings and helps recruiting I'm all for it.   Now, if there was patrol based e sports game that would be a much better path.  
    • I had to look up "swiping left" 
    • We hired a magician to one school round up and balloon artist for the other. We had about 20 and 20 sign ups. 
    • … and I thought I was being rebellious swiping left on the announcement in my inbox … you all are intense!
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