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    • I have seen several women like this that have ended up going to wood badge and came back even worse.  They come back thinking the way the trainers at wood badge function is the way adults in a troop are suppose to function. If you send a great scouter to wood badge, they will come back a even better scouter, I have seen that happen many times. If you send a bad scouter to wood badge, you might create a monster with beads, I have seen that happen as well.      
    • Unvaccinated Students in Rockland County, New York, Told to Stay Home Following Measles Outbreak With declining vaccination rates, it seems summer camps will likely face outbreaks in the near future.  Do camps have procedures in place to deal with them, such as sending unvaccinated personnel home, etc.?  With measles, there is a 90% chance of infection for susceptible people who are exposed.  
    • Yes trying to be positive lately has been hard.  One positive is 2 of the 3 patrols know exactly what they have and don't have. So they won't embarass themselves in front of the Webelos next week. Another positive that my sons pointed out is "we know exactly which tents to get that don't  have any problems."    
    • She has been to two information sessions the troop has held, plus three family sessions over the past year do to issues that have arisen. Comments overheard from her and hubby is that they don't care, if son is having a problem, they will take care of it. Husband is a registered MC who has been trained. Do not know if she took Boy Scout training as she is not registered with the troop. As far as coaching, yes she and her husband have been coached and counseled multiple times by several ASMs as well as by the SM. Twice she has threatened to transfer to a neighboring troop. When we called her threat, she stays, and calms down for a bit, and then resumes.   She has been invited multiple times to stay with us. She will be with the other adults and then wonders off to her son. Except for the last camp out. her son kept coming to her in the adult area. Also she is very distant and standoffish.  Sadly the only 2 female committee members the troop has no longer camp due to health issues. We have talked, coached and counseled. Myself and another ASM will not longer deal.
    • We are way too far away to advise on this.  Your Trail to First Class camp is a local aberration.  It sounds like what we call a "Scout Skills Weekend"  (SSWe?) . Check with your local camp folks.  I would agree, Totin'Chip should be among the offerings.   Check with your District Training Chair, see what they do for the Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)  for nascent ASMs and BALOO folks.  Might could be a Scouter there could come to your TTFC and help out.   As it happens, I do Wood Tools at our IOLS. My dad was a timber cruiser in his young days, and I inherited all his axes and crosscut saws and such.  I no longer heat with wood, (wish I could) but did some years ago. Taking down a tree, cutting, splitting  is very satisfying work. Doing it SAFELY and efficiently is where the skill and satisfaction comes in.  Good Scouting to you, bcbro123.
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