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    • Really?  I bare my soul and you "struggle" with it?  I don't come on here to be questioned.  But for what it's worth, I have the names and addresses of 2 scouts who told me that.  How about you go troll elsewhere?
    • There is a lot to unpack here. I am going to assume that you were a scout in the 60's and 70's based on your alias; and assuming that is true I struggle with your narrative. Those of us old enough to remember how perverts and "queer" folk were treated prior to the 1990s know that toleration would have been a dream for them compared to the outright romper stomping and GTFO of town treatment they took from everyone in society. 
    • It was not hard to find the 2021 Annual report on my LC or the neighboring LC website. A couple of take aways are that: 1) Youth membership bottomed out last year, we're now rising back up, about a 1000 more than the floor we hit last year (but no where near historic levels).  2) The neighboring LC has 100 less youth members that my LC and my LC has the highest population density of all of the LC's in the state. I am not sure what that means.
    • For my council you cannot find the information.  Any stakeholders report just note Scouts at camp.  Most of this is extolling the wonders of all the fundraising they do. Fully 25% of the staff employed are involved in fundraising.  Ask how the council is doing, you will get fundraising numbers
    • As I have posted elsewhere, my BSA summer camp abuse occurred after several weeks of prior campers clearly experienced my abuser's tactics.  When I arrived and signed up for his merit badge, other scouts (who were attending multiple weeks) told me that he was a pervert and queer.  He was quite comfortable at his little hideaway in the woods.  If BSA didn't know, they certainly should have known his actions were inappropriate.  They did not remove or reassign him. I don't know what that means, legally.  But had they not concealed his behavior, I would not have been abused.  
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