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Meet people from other Venture Crews and discuss program.


    • Your son is not a registered girl scout if he is under age 18.   (The only boys who are allowed to register are those who call themselves girls!) But I believe it is possible (though I never learned how to do it) to sign up for extra insurance for non-registered participants.
    • Yes, by one child going to a GS troop and another going to a CS troop we are basically doing what BSA considers "Family Scouting" right now, I suppose. But, I am also a registered Girl Scout, as is, I think, my son.  Evidently it's up to the leader whether or not males can come on outings - they simply have to sign up for the additional insurance.  I taught lashing at the last campout I went to.  It was amazing - they did kayaking, canoeing, archery, fire building, cooking, and more, and they camp out both Friday and Saturday nights. Like I said, I'm not sure what advantage the BSA idea of "Family Scouting" provides over just going to your local GS troop, unless, of course, your local GS troop is a dud. I suspect, as others have said, that this is just a stepping stone to full-blown co-ed Scouting.  I'm OK with that.  As an Eagle Scout, I liked the way it was when I came up through Scouting.  I think there is merit in having a boys-only environment.  When you through girls into the mix, now you've inevitably got this "I've got to be "cool"" vibe going on.  But, this is the world we live in.  We have now finally entered into an era where girls and women are expected and expecting, rightfully so, to be fully equal with boys and men on whatever terms they can muster.  I want my son and my daughter to have a full outdoors and woodcraft Scouting experience just like I had.  While I think there is merit and value to the boys-only environment, there is also merit and value to the co-ed environment.  Boys and girls can learn how to interact with each other in the upstanding social environment that Scouting provides. It does seem rather silly, and inconvenient to me for BSA to run separate but equal boy and girl troops.  Even if they are "linked" they are still equally inconvenient to participate in if you have both a boy and girl child.  To me at this point we may as well simply adopt "Family Scouting" to simply mean the actual, entire family.  I think that is inevitable.  Of course, I also think it's inevitable that we will see "Girl sexually assaulted by fellow Scouts on camping trip", or "Boy and girl caught in same tent on Scout campout", at some point thereafter, also.  Brave new world.
    • Is that a camels nose I just tripped over? Barry
    • With all due respect @Chadamus, I stated BSA is going coed and I stand by that statement. What else do you call a boys den and a girls den that have "joint meetings" but a coed den? What else are "Linked Troops" that share everything: committee, equipment, meeting times and locations, activities,, camp outs, and assistant Scoutmasters, but a coed troop? Officially BSA may not be fully coed, but in reality Cub Scouts is, and Scouts BSA will be.
    • You guys have given me an idea of how to lighten my pack another 7 lbs.  Thanks Barry
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