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    • I would encourage your Troop's leadership to reach out to the OA chapter absolutely as soon as possible. I say this for a few reasons: They can do a presentation to your Troop explaining what it is and what it does so that the Scouts can be thinking about whom they would elect. Any requirements for membership that are lacking can be made up before the election. You don't miss your chapter/lodge's election window if they have one.
    • Unless this is a requirement of your specific council OR your charter organization the answer is no, vendors or guest speakers do not need to be registered or YPT trained. Here is a cut and paste from the current YPT FAQ on scouting.org: ♦ Q: Do the September 1, 2023, changes mean that third party vendors must be registered with the BSA? A. No.  Youth Protection and supervision remains the responsibility of the unit and Scout leaders. Vendors and other third parties must be licensed businesses that carry proper liability insurance, units should be sure that they use reputable services.  Vendors such as museums, climbing guides, hiking guides, rafting services all fall into these categories. Unit leadership must ensure that all BSA policies and guidelines are followed when using these services, unit leaders must still have proper training.
    • Before I start, here is some background information. My wife and I just moved military bases and immediately linked up with the cub scout pack on post. They're shorthanded due to few leaders being deployed, and the unit is mainly run by non-military spouses. My wife volunteered to run the Webelos den since it had no leadership at the time. She wants to schedule a tour and a nutrition class for the scouts, but it keeps getting shut down because the pack leadership says the non-scout affiliated trainer needs YPT. So here is my question, does guest trainers and instructors need YPT if the den has 2 deep leadership? These guests are giving a tour and classroom instruction and will not be alone with any child at any time. We are told by the pack that everyone needs YPT if they will be around scouts and that it's a change in the rules. 
    • Been worried about our oaks here in northeast as there has been a bumper crop of fungus from the hot, wet (#4 wettest on record) summer.  More wind damage than past summers.  Haven't noticed a difference in acorns.
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