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    • I write this tonight with a heavy hand and heart, as I seek advice from the Troop CC's and SM's.... I am the Scoutmaster/Dad of a local Troop for about 5 years now and over 10 years with the Unit. During this time, another father has been a year ahead with his son and advancements. We teamed up about 5 years ago as I was the SM and he took on the role as CC, and the floodgates opened with trips, events and overall success within the Troop. We recruited great adults, MBC's and the success of the Troop showed with JTE Scores, retention and over 80% Eagle Scouts with countless miles hiked and community service hours for our community. It was a challenge at the Eagle Scout Court of Honor as they asked me with tears, "Am I done now? Did i Eagle "out"? How can we return and help the Troop?"- We have 5 JASM's now as Eagles... Not a bad problem to have. Life was great! The CC's son Eagled about 2 years ago with 5 Palms, and that when my headache started to a full blown migraine. The CC has bullied over all aspects of the Troop at this point to include ALL committee roles, trips, Scout Leadership positions, and now has become the Chartered Rep, Unit Commissioner, Committee Chair, Advancement Chair, Fundraising Chair, District Member ,MBC,etc. Committee Meetings turn into arguments over every subject with "NO!! I'm the COR! (CC, etc)" In recent months, he has resigned then to reappear at a SPL meetings unannounced, dictating what Scouts lack..... Fast forward to this week as we plan the next Eagle ceremony and FOS Fundraiser..... An Eagle Scout requested that his biological and step mother be a part of his Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony, with the CC screaming that we do not change any ceremony details, the Eagle pin does not say "Step Mom" and if the change in ceremony happens, he will shut the ceremony down and the Scout will not be an Eagle. Unfortunately, this was my son who made the request......Now, as the SM, who wrote the ceremony, I feel that the request was justified by the Scout and will be honored.  The meeting continues to the successful fundraiser details.... When I find out that we made so much, that cash will be stored on a shelf in the Scout Room, not deposited into the Troop account or gear requested for 5 years will be replaced. (When I started as the SM, we had $10 in the account and demanded transparency) and annual registration dues for Scouts will increase from $150 to $300, as we know, for the increase in National Charter dues.......I'm blown away with this as we charge enough dues per trip to cover expenses...   So, with as many details as my migraines can allow, if you were in my shoes as the SM/CC/COR, what would you do? I feel to ask of his resignation, as my son is in his last year of Scouting and I do not want to find a new unit.. Concerned SM/Parent    
    • Best of luck, @5thGenTexan! Sounds like it was time. Scouts is a wonderful movement, but everyone cycles in and out based on life circumstances and local conditions. You've given a lot to the movement, and it's ok to step away. Enjoy what comes next!
    • @Armymutt,  I understand your logic.  Those two leaders, in spirit, are to be there to supervise their Scouts, and not to be dedicated to some other purpose. That said, many do not interpret the rule this way.  It is considered "acceptable" for leaders to do other activities while remaining "on the property" where their unit is conducting an event, and not be "ever-present" with their Scouts. (granted, Cub Scouts need a little more supervision than Scouts...) As in your case, with Cub Scouts, you may not want to flex the rule in that way.  That is totally your prerogative, and I support you 100%.   
    • Yes.  See attendance numbers in the chart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Scout_jamboree_(Boy_Scouts_of_America) And how many of those were Scouts from other countries??  
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