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    • Honestly right now, being a little overly-cautious is not a bad thing. Too many people are getting sick. We've got cases in my kids' school, other schools around town, a coworker has it, it's scary times. And believe me, I get the frustration. I want nothing more than to be doing in-person meetings with my Webelos but it's just not a good time for that. Have to make due the best we can. And that's what I'd tell scouts if I were in a troop. Virtual meetings aren't great, but make due. Get some meetings on the calendar, do something. Take the camera outside and do some outdoor virtual patrol activities. Knock out some of the non-outdoors stuff, work on a citizenship badge together, etc. And tell them to just remember that this is temporary, we will get through it. But we can't sit still just because virtual meetings are less than ideal. Challenge them to get creative. I understand the reluctance to do more of what some of them already do all day if their school is remote, but challenge them to harness all of this tech that they know better than us old guys/gals and find creative ways to work as a patrol. Or challenge them to go old-school. Work on Signs, Signals and Codes, and they have to text each other using only morse. 😄
    • Then the volunteers need to work with their Executive Committee and then the Executive Board.  You are right, David, that SE have more power than they can exert more influence than they actually have.  The reason is that the nominating committee works with the SE who wants people who will be supportive - as would any of us.  This is not nefarious but human nature.  Also, council executive boards have a number of community leaders as well as people who are active Scouters - all have to be registered volunteers.  The community leaders are only aware if an active Scouter makes them aware.  David CO and Tahawk, My council has been blessed to have active Scouters on the Executive Committee and Executive Board to guide the council.  We have had disagreements and things are sometimes bumpy but never as bad as poster on these forums.  It could take some time and effort but have meetings with EC and EB members and have a dialogue.   Would not recommend those actions during the BSA in Chapter 11 that will likely affect councils and the COVID crisis that has devastated membership in most councils and closed camps (an income source) and other activities (also income sources).  The SE, staff, EC, and EB are very stressed and may not be as receptive as at other times. Wish you good fortune in effecting changes.
    • I do not believe any got Covid from this event.  I was getting pressure from some adult leaders to move all online, but left it up to the PLC.  In a split vote, we have decided to proceed with an in person Troop meetings for December.  Outdoors with masks.  Patrols separate & everyone socially distant.   If you could do it, outdoor patrol activities sounds like a great idea.
    • That's what it says on paper.  In reality, the SE has more control over the council board members than they have on the SE.  
    • Our old SM used one for 20 years and swore by it.  Not my style, but a great hat. 
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