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    • That video production is far better.   But you guys cheated and did a shuttle boat.   
    • I finally figured out how to combine GPX files from the rowing activities I tracked on my Garmin watch.  So this is the route we did.  
    • The issue that I addressed was whether a Black Lives Matter representative stated that looting was acceptable.  You suggested that the sources that you  named saying that she did express that view were "conservative," implying that this made them untrustworthy. I cited several non-conservative sources for the same story, including Black Lives Matter itself.  The representative of SBLM, Ariel Atkins, then told NPR - a left-wing source: " that her group '100 percent' supports the violent looters who trashed chunks of the Windy City Monday, again repeating her claim that it is 'reparations.”'  'The whole idea of criminality is based on racism anyway,”' she told ... NPR...."   So, in Ms. Atkins' world view, Blacks - or Asians - who murder other Black persons are not "criminals." SBLM has not come forward to repudiate Ms. Atkins' spew. This seems to me to be unrelated to Russian perfidy and very much related to SBLM perfidy.
    • Correct, we should be very interested in a foreign (Russia, China) power is. trying to impact our country.  And they are not stopping at the 2016 election, they are trying on this election, did on the 2018 election, and will continue to try to divide this country.  They have done it in other counties, most notably France. The intent of my post on this was to point out that what you read is not only biased by our media, but but external influences who are trying to further divide this nation. 
    • I do not understand that U.S intelligence did officially conclude there was impact.  Which is why I did not say they did.   To believe that they did not attempt to access effect seems is to suggest that they are incompetent.   We are more than Scouters here.  We are more than BSA Scouting devotees here.  As Americans, we should be interested in whether any foreign nation is impacting our political processes.
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