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    • Do I understand correctly that your CO is considering not rechartering your troop? https://www.scouter.com/topic/31928-chapter-11-announced/page/45/?tab=comments#comment-517955 If that happens, will your troop look for a different CO, or will they disband?  If your troop looks for (and finds) a new CO,  is your old CO happy for you to take your camping gear with you to the new CO?   (I've heard of troops around here switching CO's.)  
    • The recent (2018/2019) state Child Victim Acts are not restricted to child abuse cases in just the BSA or private youth organizations. Schools, churches, and municipalities are also liable in the look-back windows.
    • I certainly understand why you're unhappy with how this bankruptcy is going. Any time anything gets into the court system rules take precedent over ethics. The only reason it makes sense to me is that, given our society is based on a system of rules then we have to follow them. I think the ethics comes in to play when the rules are created and this is where the failure is, just as you have mentioned. I'm not sure how much freedom the judge has to handle this in a balanced way. However, all is not lost. Your grandkids will still be able to create some great memories in the outdoors with their friends in a program called scouting. It's one of the reasons I've posted about finding joy in scouting and simplifying the program. Make the program simpler with less requirements for large infrastructure and it becomes much more resilient. What we have now is very fragile and complicated. It's time for a change. I'm fairly sure the joy of watching kids grow, learn and create great memories will far out weigh the loss of camps and huge org charts.
    • Yup. Sometimes a little time away helps out. I quietly log out and go away sometimes. Big reason I stopped being a moderator, I didn't want to be obligated to be reading the forum all the time.  @ParkMan Focus on what you can control. You can control how your children and grandchildren's unit's perform. You have control over what experience they get, and what kind of young men and women they become. National, the bankruptcy and all the rest is out of our control. It's good to keep and eye on it, but it's just not worth worrying about. You and I can't change or influence it in any way. 
    • Me too.  I took a break from the forum a couple times.  Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.  
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