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    • I'll let others find the sources, but there are two opposing concepts that apply to the field uniform: A uniform is not required to be a member of BSA. The intent here is that we are not to discourage from membership a scout without means to buy a uniform. This goes way back to when the uniform was the most expensive aspect of membership, and a neckerchief of a particular color was the bare minimum. The PLC decides on the troop uniform. This typically involves neckerchief design and how/when it should be worn. It also involves defining the activity uniform. But in effect, if the PLC, for example, refuses to wear standard issue pants or shorts, what are you going to do? Furthermore, the SPL leads uniform inspection. How does an SM handle this when the SPL is okay with patrols showing up at ceremonies without their field shirt? On the other hand if the SPL has got the PLC gun ho about that impeccable head to toe  De La Renta look, how does an SM tone down expectations so that scouts with limited means can feel that sense of belonging? So, if it's being initiated by the boys with the endorsement of the SM, we can't keep a troop from trying to look sharp. But, my suggestion to such a troop is to maintain a spare set of field uniforms so that scouts in difficult situations (either financially, or they are just coming straight from football practice ot a meeting) can have something they can put on when they get to the scout house.
    • Read the guide to advancement. That probably has the most definitive answer. One cannot fail a BoR for not wearing the uniform alone. So, that is about as close as you can get to a position. If the uniform isn't required for a BoR, how could it be required to wear to a meeting? Are you going to turn Scouts away if they aren't wearing it? You do know the Scouts in your troop are just volunteers, right?
    • Our troop has been going back and forth about whether or not to make the Class A mandatory at all weekly meetings.  But the question was raised...what is the official BSA position on uniform mandates, specifically as it pertains to meetings.  Or maybe there is no such official position?  Again, I'm only looking for BSA policy with regard to uniform requirements at meeting, or some type of blanket statement that would cover that topic.  I've done about 2 hrs (on and off) worth of searching and reading and cannot find anything concrete.  Thanks all, as always ! YIS
    • Success comes from implementing a program that works toward a successful vision. The BSA lacks leadership that believes, much less understands the vision of developing moral and ethical decision makers. I get it, I struggled convincing many parents that giving scouts the independence to learn from their decisions in an outdoors environment is a successful path for building citizens of character and leaders of integrity. But, if organization leaders don’t believe it, how can the users believe in it. Barry
    • Don't forget King! 😉 The monarchy is timeless 😉
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