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    • Wait a second, don't they contradict themselves on the last point?  And pretty much every other point in this memo...    It says this is from an email from the GSA Orange County.   The talking points below come via an email from the Girl Scouts of Orange County, California. Marketplace positioning talking points following BSA’s filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy: First and foremost, Girl Scouts is and always has been a completely separate and independent nonprofit organization from any other youth-serving or scouting organization and is not now and has never been affiliated with, partnered with, a subsidiary of, or otherwise engaged with any other youth-serving or scouting organization. Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and Boy Scouts of America (BSA) were founded separately, incorporated separately, and have existed as two completely separate and distinct organizations for more than a century. That has not changed, nor will it ever. Girl Scouts of the USA does not share or overlap membership or finances with Boy Scouts of America. BSA’s decision to admit girls did not signify a merger, partnership, or any other formal or informal joining of our two separate and distinct organizations. The bankruptcy filing by BSA does not have any financial impact on Girl Scouts’ finances, which are strong. In terms of Girl Scouts of the USA’s pending litigation against Boy Scouts of America for trademark infringement, GSUSA will continue to protect our trademark rights and pursue its infringement claims against BSA. Girl Scouts was not part of BSA’s decision-making process to file for bankruptcy, either formally or informally, and so cannot and will not speak to the internal motivations, finances, or decisions of another completely separate organization. Girl Scouts is proud of its more than 100 years of dedicated and expert service to girls—and girls only—in an environment that is girl-led, girl-focused, supportive of girls’ positive development, and, above all, safe. At Girl Scouts, we do not comment on the actions or circumstances surrounding any other organization. As the single-largest and best girl leadership development program in the world, we remain focused on our mission of serving girls and preparing them for a lifetime of leadership.     I call this talking out of both sides of your mouth.    
    • And how is this hypothetical scenario different than what's currently being done by the media?  

      Correcting false information, and pushing back on hit stories currently out there is better than letting the opposition control the narrative. 
    • Girl Scouts may not want to chuck too many stones at us.   A quick Google search brings up several stories involving abuse in the GSA. Here are 2 examples. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-1997-04-23-9704220891-story.html http://www.news12.com/story/40808134/former-girl-scout-troop-leader-sentenced-for-sexual-abuse I quit the Girl Scouts in the 5th grade after moving back to Florida.  We went to sign up night at the school and got a real weird vibe from the MALE Girl Scout leader.   I told my mom I think I am done with scouts.   She agreed it was weird and so we left. What is the required training for a GS leader?   Their website is pretty vague.  Did not see anything about required training or YPT.   They have a 161 page safety check points book.  That I highly doubt most people actually read.    FTR the full version of the BSA GTSS is 110 pages.        
    • Advertising would invite parody.  If BSA put out a commercial, the entertainment media would immediately come up with parody sketches about scouting.  Many of them would be certain to include allusions to sexual abuse.  The so-called comedy shows are very clever about this.  They could take any positive message that BSA PR people might come up with and make it look sinister. If the scout uniform is used in the commercials, fair use rules might allow them to be used in the parody.  The more visible the PR campaign, the more vicious the parody.  If BSA bought commercial time during the super bowl, for example, the resulting parody would be merciless.  Do we really want that?  
    • It does.  Check the vendor specs for the buoyancy coefficient of the sleeping bag.
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