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    • "committed" = thinking about it for some undetermined time in the future; a possibility  E.g. putting insignia and uniform rules on line - BSA "committed" to that some years ago.  I was curious back thenwhen I was  teaching the "Uniforming" course at more than one "University fo Scouting."   I gave up waiting after eleven years had passed.  I even volunteered several professional writers to help, an offer not acknowledged in any way.   😐
    • You are absolutely correct that this requires a mind shift.  Too many volunteers above the district level are too beholden to what they think are the rules.  This is absolutely where a council could have a servant leadership mindset.  They could be looking for a way to help the volunteer resolve the problem - regardless of whether they know the rules. 95% of this discussion on the past few pages is doable today, under current BSA accounting rules and practices.  The reason this doesn't happen and doesn't work is that many volunteers are simply not aware of how the process really works.  As such, they simply do not know what questions to ask and where to advocate.  
    • I'm not actually sure what we're debating here. I'm not suggesting that districts be financially separate entities.  I'm suggesting that the council budgets be more friendly to district operations.  Specially, in this case there is no reason that a council could not track a line item internally that grows and shrinks based on district expenditures.  If a district has a surplus at the end of a year that money amount could be placed as a line item in the next year's budget for a district to draw upon. A district is effectively nothing more than a council operating committee that is responsible for a geographic area.  Just as the council program committee has a budget, so too does a district.  The difference is that districts have a bit more autonomy than many other council committees.  That autonomy is a two way street as districts are often less effective at navigating things like council budgeting processes.  There is absolutely nothing in the council budgeting process that disfavors districts.  When I was reviewing our district budgets, there was absolutely nothing in our programming that the budgeting process structurally prevented us from doing.  Most of our volunteers just had never bothered to learn how to navigate it.  Further, there is a behavior that I have seen most of our district volunteers that they do not realize how much authority they really do have.  Our district camporee chair could have built a budget that allocated for acquisition of equipment and could have worked with the various folks in the council accounting structure to figure out how to amortize that over several years.  But, no one ever does that kind of stuff. In the context of this discussion, my proposal is that council budget chairs do real outreach to district volunteers to make sure they understand the budgeting process.  That national create content on how councils should effectivly engage with districts in the budgeting process so that districts have the resources they need to demonstrate value to units & to individual Scouts.
    • There are a number of Scouters who give me the stick eye with I reference something like this on my phone. With all of this moving electronically, we need to change to culture to not be so turned off by phones, tablets, laptops at meetings/campouts/outings.  Also, I have the 2019 and 2020 Kindle editions of the requirements. 2021 is not out. The BSA is "committed" to moving these to electronic resources. They keep using that word. I don't think it means what they think it means.
    • We did ours much later than normal last year. I assume we will do the same. By doing it late, we were able to have it outside (we are in Wisconsin). We got premade subs from Subway. We had it at a place that had a bunch of spread out picnic tables for families and then moved to the fire bowl area. Families brought their own chairs so they could distance. We had very good mask compliance. We did the cross over at that time, but the Scouts had actually been with the troop for a month or 2. 
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